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  1. MB60893

    Bash Bunny Will Not Update

    Look at SebKinne's Ultimate Bash Bunny Unbricking Guide. It's pinned at the top of this forum.
  2. MB60893

    Nothing in Loot Folder

    Check what platform the tools attack. Most of them are Windows 10 rated. If you're running Windows 7 attacks, things may be different. Also, you'll want to check the Linux partitions loot folder to see if loot has been made there instead. Do this using the serial connection to the bash bunny. Give those a try. And be patient. Play around and you may get somewhere.
  3. MB60893

    bunnyupdater why does it hate me already

    This means there is no bunnyupdater file in that directory. You seem to be in root, as indicated by the slash (/) character in front of the dollar sign. Make sure the bunnyupdater file is in the same directory as where you are executing terminal commands from. (I suggest extracting all files to a folder in your home directory, and then running the above command again from that directory.)
  4. MB60893

    Payload sometimes not working...

    OK, so I would try running the files separately on the machine without the bash bunny. If that works, then a few things could be wrong with it. 1. The bunny needs a USB power source that can supply at least 5V at 1.5A, as per https://wiki.bashbunny.com/#!index.md. 2. Sometimes switching ATTACKMODE HID STORAGE to read ATTACKMODE STORAGE HID can fix things, or vice versa. I think there may be a few problems with how the devices are emulated based on the sequence each thing is set up in. 3. I notice you have the Ducky Language set to "dk", (Danish...?) maybe try a different language with similar keyboard configurations, or even go straight for a US keyboard layout. That may make a difference. 4. There are some cases where machines can actually have VBScripts and Command Line Batch Files disabled through registry settings. I doubt that would be the case here, but it is something to consider. 5. I am unfamiliar with the following line expressed in your code above: RUN WIN Powershell -nop -ex Bypass -w Hidden I get the basic premise behind this, but surely, just using "Q GUI R" followed by a slight delay, then "Q STRING <Powershell line here>", then "Quack ENTER" would also do the job...? 6. You'll also want to ensure this script is indeed running as an Administrator, otherwise a good selection of the commands won't work. The command "reg" and creating/moving things to the root of the C Drive can also cause problems, even if you have a folder called "temp" under the path "C:\Temp", this can also be protected and require administrator privileges to perform read/write commands to this directory. Same story with NETSH, and that can also have a different name from "WLAN" from recollection as well, whether it be "Wi-Fi" or "Wireless Local Area Network Connection" or something else... I don't know if these are particularly relevant to your problem, but they are all things to consider. Don't worry too much about the win7-win8-cdc-acm.inf file. It looks like its needed for setting drivers correctly. Hope these help diagnose your problems! -M.
  5. MB60893

    Payload sometimes not working...

    HID networking can definitely cause problems. Check the attackmode is being set properly, and it isn't showing up as an ECM_Ethernet adapter or whatever. Standard keyboards and flash storage are your best bet.
  6. MB60893

    Payload sometimes not working...

    I agree. I've had a number of problems, originally with the USB Rubber Ducky, but also with the Bash Bunny where the drivers just aren't installed on the computer from the get-go, so sometimes plugging it in first, waiting until it is set up, then after a delay running the payload can be beneficial. As an aside, some of the PID/VIDs for certain drivers come pre-installed on Windows, and other Operating Systems... maybe there is a way to use a pre-installed driver on Windows for example to make things work without having to set up the device each time...?
  7. MB60893

    Lost default password BashBunny

    See Darren's Post Here:
  8. MB60893

    Android and iOS attack with Bush Bunny?

    There are iOS Lightning to Ethernet adapters that do exist, and there is an Ethernet setting on iOS... Hmm. This could be very interesting indeed. Additionally, I know that some adapters don't need to go through the "Trust connected device" popup on iOS devices. This could potentially be a way of exploiting the platform.
  9. MB60893

    Reset problem after fist usage and update

    Maybe the firmware update didn't work. Consider contacting the HakShop if you've had problems from the get-go.
  10. MB60893

    WIndows information

    You could potentially get network information by running an NMAP scan on the client as well. Get a fingerprint of the OS and stuff without ever touching the machine. Very useful.
  11. MB60893

    Boot Windows OS from Syslinux

    Almost thought this part of the forum was dead! I check it from month-to-month... Let me be clear: I don’t have the answer at this stage. But I have an idea of what you can do. Search for booting an ISO or mounting a file system folder as the root directory and then booting like that. It may potentially work. I know Hirens had some clever work arounds for the Mini Windows XP Distribution. I’d start there. EDIT: I also see that pirating groups such as (Generation2 from a quick web search) have managed to get multiple Windows installations to work off of an “All In One” USB ISO image. I imagine this could potentially have a solution for what you are trying to do... Although I cannot endorse downloading the ISO for the more than questionable legality of what such a group is doing. Hope you find a solution... will be very interested to hear if you do! (and yes, I know this was posted in 2017. Multipass usbs are just so great though!)
  12. MB60893

    Reset problem after fist usage and update

    Check if you have access first by switching it to arming mode. The Bash Bunny should show up as a USB storage device. From there, you can SSH into the Bash Bunny using PuTTY and a serial connection (documented on the BashBunny Website.) It can take a bit of practice to get the payloads going initially, so try this first. If you get this far, you may have not configured the Bash Bunny payload for that switch position correctly.
  13. MB60893

    Kali linux 1.1.0 Slow Update

    See if you can potentially find a mirror that will allow you to download the files more quickly. I’ve also found that having a decent wireless card or adapter can significantly improve performance. In other words, don’t use a crappy wifi dongle to download stuff. It just makes you want to start pulling teeth.
  14. Many thanks for this, @Dave-ee Jones! I'll look into this... 🙂
  15. I imagine this wouldn't be of particular use. I just had a realization that there are many different types of USB devices out there, and because of this, there may be even more ways a system may be exploited, so I'm interested in seeing what devices we can emulate to expose vulnerabilities in a machine.