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  1. Though I don't own a BB (I know, shame on me) I instantly thought about this could be great combined with either: grabbing BitLocker keys deploy reverse shell
  2. I use the included 128MB card. Size would only matter if you use one of the custom firmwares. But it all depends on your planned usage.
  3. Not exactly a bank, but still interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pL9q2lOZ1Fw
  4. Sometimes I can understand why we still use pen and paper instead of insecure voting machines :D
  5. The encoder (online & offline) has an option to compile the payload for a specific keyboard layout.
  6. You mean the "Disc Label" of the ISO? There's no need for that, if you're writing the file to USB.
  7. And there's always the possibility the cryptor itself gets flagged by AV
  8. Have you checked the logs for anything suspicious? Is the system reachable from somewhere outside its LAN? By the way, which OS exactly?
  9. It generates the text-file android_brute-force_0000-9999.txt which you have to encode. The script you posted has to be executed in a shell
  10. I know It's only for the android-based access code option.
  11. This method won't work on my Android phone. It's set to use the Sim-pin, so 3 wrong tries and you'll need the PUK (aka. SuperPIN) But I have it saved locally in case I get the chance to use it.
  12. I guess that's why @Darren Kitchen added sleep 5 right after NETMODE NAT
  13. Broti

    Blizzard games

    Starcraft + Broodwar Diablo 2 + Lord of Destruction
  14. That would be a real classic one: Archon 2 - Adept
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