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  1. i just went through ssh and set wlan0 to monitor mode, and used airodump to capture and i still get the same small number of networks i got using site survey. so it has to be something with monitor mode not just site survey.
  2. odd, i wounder whats going on with that.
  3. That’s just a thing in site survey it allows me to choose what interface to put in monitor mode. If there is a interface in monitor mode it will use that one for a scan.
  4. when using recon or the module site survey without any interface in monitor mode i get a ton of wifi networks that are around me. but when entering monitor mode to try to capture a handshake only the ones close to me will show up. can any shed some light on this? i am using upgraded antennas. (alfa 7dBi panel) using site survey no monitor mode https://ibb.co/itZX9w with wlan1 in monitor mode https://ibb.co/buzcbb
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