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    Pen test tools required

  2. |=uch5

    Metasploitable3 for vmware - download?!

    Ohh come on ?... activate yor private messages please ? or help me here. Thanks!
  3. Suppose i did a scan and after that in metasploits "services" are a lot of port-informations (see screenshot before.jpg). Now i want to know which version of service is running on each port. I can use the nmap command with -sV too, but i've to specify all ports manually. My question: Is their a nse-script (--script) that scanned automatically all ports that are in "services"? So the results, after the version scan, is like in picture after.jpg.
  4. |=uch5

    Metasploitable3 for vmware - download?!

    If you know what is to do with this vagrant boxes you can telling me? because i don't know the next step.?
  5. |=uch5

    Metasploitable3 for vmware - download?!

    No, that has not really changed! This are only the tools to build/create Metasploitable3 vm!
  6. |=uch5

    Secure alternative to phpMyAdmin

  7. What does the posting doing here?? That's the wrong place!
  8. This question is for those of you working in the sector. Do you use a vps hoster? If so, please tell as which hoster and why do you use it.
  9. Whats the best free and the best commercial encoder tool (in 2018) for hiding a payload from AV? What do you think and why? I know that programming your own is always better, but I do not want to start a discussion about it. Thanks!
  10. |=uch5

    Metasploitable3 for vmware - download?!

    That sucks! I do not really care about terms of ms!
  11. Nice video to build metasploitable3. But why you don't offer for download? I mean it's build from a windows iso, so it's legal to share the (final) file. I look for metasploitable3 for vmware! I know i've to build it, but if you have it... share it please!