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  1. You need to learn to read buddy. I already said I’m new with WIFi pentesting. instead of share your knowledge you Moran’s keep talking about a library. so stop judging and start sharing. So far there are just a few with good feedback. But the rest of you just know just as much apparently about the nano pentesting as I do. either that or you just like to give an opinion based on nothing
  2. Ok let me explain it more clear. There computers for employees only, which I do not touch because that would be a crime, and there are open computers connected to the free WiFi with anything on it and they actually let u use an usb stick. So nothing will be stolen. Just plain stupid working screens connected to nothing. so I’m not an idiot doing illegal things. The computers are to use as best fit. I mean a skiddie can add a virus or a rat inside.
  3. We have it a little different where I come from. If it is public the law says anyone can use it without permission, because the law already tells people it is free to use.
  4. No it ain’t here. They have pc’s Free to use for anyone studiying. I might be old, but still keep learning about digital security every day. hak5 is a study object. I’m trying to figure out the best way to use for pentesting. Using the BB or nano library is also study. And im not hiding the stuff. The BB is new for me. There are companies who ask me to test the BB on their network. Some of them actually have the USB ports protected, you don’t see that much. so if the company wants the security checked, i just use the BB, I walk in just a day, nobody than IT knows about it and i have to check if I can get any info from the computers. Sometimes it is just a question, like can I use your pc for a moment to check my docs on the BB. now Darren has put a payload online and I adjusted that with some lines places in the same forum. I merged it with Darren’s payload and that actually already worked on my own pc’s. so I’m going from there now. I now want to learn all about using that. but WiFi testing is still a thing a want to know all from. I do know I miss something on the way. I try to figure everything out for weeks and weeks. Sometimes 24 hrs. I just can’t get it to do what I’m seeing it doing in the video’s. most probably Darren is showing off on BlackHat 2018 ?. And it will work again like it did last year. I can’t wait to see the video’s of that. so I’m a kind of hooked on Hak5. I love the concept, I love the way how transparent and open they work. so after so much time, I get a little frustrated and just open my mouth, in this case my fingers.
  5. Oh btw, I’m the kind of person, who just walk up to any computer and smite the bb in there no matter if anyone is around. That’s why I like it to work
  6. Well I entered the library with my bb. I tried to loot some stuff from the machine, regular password and WiFi shit. Btw w7 on machine, free accessibile. i did not get any, that might of cause, there is nothing in there to loot, or the last payload update need another fix. my code is as far as understand the file and adjust. Writing I get into that. it would be great if, it there would be a list with windows Registries and other important stuff to use with bb or other hak5 devices. since I’m not in coding yet, this means get already exist. In t@ case forgive my stupidity
  7. I'm not exactly a kid and i you might think i'm a poor pentester, maybe i am. However i learned all about computers and hacking since 1993. I have no problems what so ever with the Kali Linux programs and they all work fine. Oh and i do "help :-)" anonymus pretty often when needed. a view years ago i also wanted to learn about WiFi testing, you have dumb-asses all over the internet so lets do WiFi and find some more.The pineapple does work, but so far i did not get any use full information with any of the payloads. De-Authentication is not working on either the Nano and Pineapple. I have tried to get in my own airport and in my neighbors network. Although everything done according the books, i ended up with a factory reset and had to start over. The rubberducky is doing exactly what it should do and with a large password list (although the string copy past takes a looooong time). tested on a windows machine it really is typing the passwords fast, lightning fast. It is almost unbelievable how fast it is going through a 139mb password list (rockyou.txt) i just received the BB and was not been able yet to test it on a windows machine. i wait for a good moment on a public computer to see how that goes. However the WiFi thing is really pissing me of, so forgive my emotional posts before this one. The Nano is just not doing anything than recon and network. Attacking a target is simply not possible, because it keeps telling me to start PineAp. Although i keep pressing the button, it is not starting Pineap. So i do it manually and save the settings. I try again. find the targets and do the same thing over again. And yes, start Pineap pop ups again. The payloads coming with them (download from hak5) just don't start. Any setting results in nothing. Dump is not working, wireshark and pineapple work just fine, Nano and WS, ??????? The Nano is configured right, i assume, because i can ping it, go to it and program it. It is in the network with it's own ip no problems so far, I use the dubble USB wire to attach it to my Kali machine. All ok. the software on the Nano, it is just not working at all and not do anything. I'm lost in my nano and it really can rune my day. ps sorry Darren, your a great guy
  8. Nano!??? The nano is probably the worst of your devices. The firmware sucks big time. De-authenticate. On recon or any other. “Start pineapp” it does not save the information chosen. it does actually nothing at all then being a antenna
  9. I just tried many of your products all used as mentioned in all your video’s and forums. Not one of all the products I bought from hak5 is working properly. it is doing nothing at all. Me on the other hand am busy all day with factory resetting and new configuration. i mean all of them. Really im a totally not satisfied customer and I wonder if you are able to get any of your products to work as you show us. i wonder if there is a totally satisfied customer at all. All the explanations in your video’s and books, just do not make the cut. your a not clear in the books. Explain it to us if we a kids of 7 year old and don’t leave information behind. Ever seen your own forums. There are so many questions the same. I think you have to get your act together. Besides that is your service getting real bad
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