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  1. [Release] pixiewps 1.1 & reaver 1.5.2

    You are probably referring to the fact that the aircrack-ng suite has replaced the original airmon-ng with airmon-zc (from ZeroChaos). It has some clear advantages, but there are certainly a lot of external scripts that don't "like" the new (improved) monitor interface naming convention, but that will hopefully be sorted out soon. Are there other issues too?
  2. [Support] Portal Auth

    Other posts said they were having problems with the download site again. We normally see a lot more complaining when that happens, but you might have just had unlucky timing.
  3. [Support] Portal Auth

    It just happened the once while I was wrestling with the infusion. I can't remember ever not being able to kill Firefox before. Sorry I can't tell you more, but I was wondering if some of hairbag's bricking was possibly a browser issue.
  4. [Support] Portal Auth

    Ok, I'll just put this out there in case it's relevant or helpful. Earlier this week while "playing" with this infusion using firefox, I thought I had bricked my pineapple. When I realized I could SSH in, I tried another browser, chrome, and it worked. So I tried to stop and restart firefox, but it wouldn't terminate. I ended up rebooting my laptop to recover.
  5. [Support] Portal Auth

    So where do we go from here? I made sure I had a very good connection and the page loaded in my browser almost instantly.
  6. [Support] Portal Auth

    Thanks. I was just joking with cheeto, but it's actually an interesting scenario as you describe it. I would like to not have the small icon always check for a captive portal every time the page loads, as when I'm connected to xfinitywifi, the detection process takes way too long. I like the way Seb did it in the Network infusion... Click the "refresh icon" in the small pane and the pane resets with a link to do the action. Earlier when I tried to decode that "hash" parameter, I first URL decoded it, then base64 decodes it and was left wwith some binary giberish that I didn't persue. Thanks for checking this out.
  7. [Support] Portal Auth

    Hmm, was that with an earlier version, or an unversioned beta? Cheeto, any chance you could try to clone an xfinity wifi hotspot and let us know how? It's driving me crazy. I have to take a break from this one... It's raining and besides, I think if my neighbor sees me pointing that antenna at him again, he'll probably call the cops. (When I installed the motion detector driveway alarm years ago, he came over to ask why I had a camera pointed at his house. )
  8. [Support] Portal Auth

    Ok, I ran another mission down the driveway... I will PM PM'd you the information.
  9. [Support] Portal Auth

    No, would that prevent the timeouts? I don't have an xfinity router/modem, so I have to use one of the thousands/millions of others. My neigbors all have them. The problem is, it's a pain to go set up near one and try anything. I can only wonder what my neighbor is thinking everytime I go down my driveway and point a yagi on a tripod at his house. If someone knows how to clone an xfinitywifi hot spot, it would be a big help.
  10. [Support] Portal Auth

    All I get is the empty directory tree: /sd/portals/xfinitywifi/images There are no files. I made sure I had a strong signal to an xfinitiwifi hot spot and conected the pineapple in client mode. My laptop was connected to the pineaple managent AP. As soon as I opened any page (other than the pineapple) in my laptop's broowser, I got redirected to the xfinitywifi portal sign-in page (https://wifilogin.comcast.net/wifi/xwifi.php?hash=...).%C2'> But the infusion was slow to detect a portal, and timed out cloning it every time.
  11. [Support] Portal Auth

    No dice. I've tried multiple times and I get the connection timeout: Has anyone sucessfully cloned xfinitywifi?
  12. [Support] Portal Auth

    Of course it contains a space. Argh! I'll try again.
  13. [Support] Portal Auth

    So I conneccted the Mk5 in client mode to the nearest Xfinity WiFi AP. The infusion detected a portal, so I tried to clone it and got the following error: Any Ideas? (evilportal 2.4)
  14. [Support] Portal Auth

    We get to vote? I'd say: PortalAuth for captive portals, SET to clone web sites, and Wget, Burp Suite, ZAP, etc. for spidering sites. I wouldn't clone or spider sites from the pineapple, it just doesn't seem like the best tool for the job. Just my opinion since you asked.
  15. [Support] Portal Auth

    I noticed one of my neigbors has "xfinitywifi". Has anyone done that one yet? They're poping up all over of course. I'll have to use my cantenna or a yagi to get it though.