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  1. Now that's what I'm talking about. Thanks Whistle Master!
  2. I'm sorry ZaraByte, I guess my sarcasm wasn't obvious enough. I've been watching Darren flying his Mk5s on quad copters for several seasons of Hak5. He even created an infusion for crashing other quad copters.
  3. You are probably referring to the fact that the aircrack-ng suite has replaced the original airmon-ng with airmon-zc (from ZeroChaos). It has some clear advantages, but there are certainly a lot of external scripts that don't "like" the new (improved) monitor interface naming convention, but that will hopefully be sorted out soon. Are there other issues too?
  4. Please don't use FTP. (Unless you want everyone that uses Shodan laughing at you.) Use something like SSH (SCP).
  5. Wow! They came up with a great idea on the description page... attaching it to a quad copter. It's going to be interesting when some of their customers start coming here for help. I wonder if I can leave feedback on that page. It's one thing to build your own personal toy using open source components and software... but they're even ripping off the name and logo. They're also cashing in on merchandising with pineapple thumb drives.
  6. Does the university network AP use a captive portal?
  7. Regarding the "AP + Client" in recon mode, I also posted about it here. So hopefully Seb will be able to reproduce and fix it. If you attempt to connect an SMA antenna to your ALFA, you are likely to break/bend the center conductor on both. If you connect an RP-SMA antenna to your pineapple, you would have no center conductor connection, and presumably/hopefully the radio would not be damaged when you attempt to transmit. Although I didn't buy my adapters from the Hak Shop, the case is not even close to being in the way. I would contact the Hak Shop to see if they goofed up. Burning up the pineapple from the car power? I know you can burn it up if you try to power it through the USB port. And as you say, the power from an automobile jack is "regulated" by the car's voltage regulator and the battery's clamping ability. I sure wouldn't trust it in my car; I'd use an inverter to power a regulated supply.
  8. Very nice! It looks to nice to hide and leave someplace. How much did it cost? Also, are there any problems with heat and battery life?
  9. I think you should build it and get back to us with pictures or video of the finished product showing us what it can do. I'd like to see the specs too, especially the power consumption.
  10. It should be easy using either init.d or the dip switches. What problems are you having? Be sure to set up your environment as desired, and log output to a file so you can see what went wrong.
  11. I agree, except I believe DataHead is only working on a POC for the pineapple. I'm hoping that once he has completed this, WistleMaster might be encouraged to integrate pixiewps into the WPS infusion.
  12. Even if there was an xterm, there's no windows system (desktop) to run it in. And if there were, with no console/keyboard/mouse on the pineapple, you would also need RDP. Xterm is a terminal emulator/client integrated with the X-Windows system. I think a direct Linset port to the pineapple is unfeasible because of the xterm dependency. That's not to say that someone couldn't write an infusion, but I think porting the existing desktop version is a bust. Edit: You might get by if you used the DISPLAY env variable (e.g. DISPLAY=desktophost:0.0), but this would require a route from the pineapple to "desktophost" which is often not practical. I still don't think this is the way to go.
  13. I have a question.... In Recon Mode, if I select "AP & Clients," the red light (client mode radio) turns off after 15 seconds. If I select "AP Only," I don't lose client mode. I use ssh (autossh) to port forward the pineapple services through a "relay server" to connect remotely, so losing the radio while scanning kind of messes things up. Is this expected behavior? If so, why? Is the only workaround to use a third radio?
  14. Thanks, I do remember reading that... So we wait for the next firmware upgrade then.
  15. I ran the attack yesterday from my kali VM. The (Cisco) router wasn't vulnerable, but the airodump -vv output is easily parse-able, and there are (so far) only about three valid pixiewps command variants. It seems like it would be a fairly straight forward addition to WPS. I'm looking forward to DataHead's Pixiescript, but I'd still like to see it integrated into the WPS infusion.
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