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  1. Hello everyone, I have been using WIFI Pineapple mark V for quite sometime. I have started learning to write scripts in python and i am facing problems in importing modules. Like i cannot found module called readline. When i use import readline, It shows ImportError: No module named readline. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  2. Hello all, I would like to know whether we can make WiFi Pineapple send an RTS frame to WiFi enabled device with a particular MAC address. Or is there any way to send WiFi packets other than the beacons using Linux box rather than just receiving them.
  3. Thanks JumboPackets. It looks like a good explanation to my question, i hope it is correct. If anyone else has to share light on it, it would be more better
  4. Hello everyone, I have a question with respect to the aireplay-ng. I was successfully able to perform deauthentication with it. But as far as i know it sends 64 packets to the client and 64 to the access point, Then how does the number of acks received goes above 64. In the aireplay-ng official website it is said that because of active participation it goes above 64. Can anyone give me a clear idea about it. I have also attached a screenshot .
  5. Hi Sebkinne, I tried the manual setup from the link you provided but it did not work. i installed the wpa_cli package as told in the link. But this package did not open.
  6. Does WiFi Pineapple device support connecting to a network which requires to enter both username and password to get connected to a wireless network. When i try to get connected to WiFi network in college using my phone it asks for both username and password and can access internet. But in WiFi pineapple device it only asks for the password and i am not able to access the network . Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Because of this i am able to connect to all the networks but not WPA2 network. Does anyone have a solution for this ?
  8. I am using my College WiFI network. And they ask for my credentials to connect to the network.
  9. Hello everyone, I wanted my WiFI Pineapple device to connect to WPA2 network.When I try to connect to the network using my laptop, it asks for username and password. But when I try to connect using WIFi pineapple it asks only for password. And after entering the correct password it doesn't connect to the internet. Is there a way to enter my username and password in WiFi pineapple.
  10. Actually the problem was I tried to generate the ssh key. But it doesn't get stored in the root directory and when I tried saving it somewhere else and when I logon to the server it always asks me for the password. Even after keeping the public key in my .ssh/authorized files folder
  11. Hell everyone, I tried creating some files in the root directory in WiFi pineapple. But it said the directory is full. But in reality no files are stored in root. When i used df -h command to check the size it showedit it was full and rom is mounted on root. Can anyone tell how do i clear the root. So that i can create files in root. Thanks
  12. Hello Everyone, I used Logs and Reporting tab to obtain the log reports. I used the Report Configuration and set the email configuration correctly. But when it tries to send an email, from the logs i see that it says it failed to send and email. And it shows that authorization failed. Can anyone help me out with it.
  13. Thanks Sailor. That worked for me to log the data. Another question i have is regarding tcpdump. Like is it better to use br-lan interface or wlan0 interface in monitor mode or another interface. What would be better to capture 802.11 traffic
  14. Hi, I upgraded the pineapple firmware and it was working fine. I started a packet sniffing program and captured data to a particular file as i wanted. But i thought of keeping the pineapple working for a whole day and save data to a particular file. The next day when i tried to access the data i saw that the pineapple was rebooted and data captured has started again and all the stored data was overwritten. I am wondering why was the Wi-Fi pineapple rebooted. Any help would be appreciated. Also if anyone let me know a way in which even if the pineapple gets rebooted i can store the data in a different file or append them in the same file. Thank You.
  15. Is there any way to check whether my program is running with the help of dip switches ? Does it create a log file about what is happening with dip boot modes? I just want to make sure that my program code is working.
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