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  1. It's installed. Airmon-ng is part of the aircrack-ng suite.
  2. Word of warning, doing it this way will only allow wifite to scan for 5 seconds before attempting to start attacking networks. 5 seconds isn't long enough, I'd say 20-30 would be a better choice. 120 would be even better.
  3. Look at this guys review of the first one: "Smallest 300mbps wifi adapter I could fine & works as expected. Running Linux, it was hard to get working, though. The drivers on the StarTech.com site are very out of date for Linux. The device is a RTL8192EU & I had to find the deb package here: https://forum.ubuntu-nl.org/index.php?topic=86081.msg930664#msg930664-- It didn't work with the latest gcc, though, because a warning gets marked as an error. I had to repackage the deb by adding -Wno-error=time-date to the Makefile inside. Anyway, I did all this already I uploaded the new driver h
  4. The first thing I would try is to reset it. If that doesn't work there are still other ways to fix it. Plug it in and wait for it to boot up, then hold the reset button on the bottom for about ten seconds. Also, are you sure you used the correct network settings? You can follow the windows setup guide to find them.
  5. Would this stop me from dropping the tx power to a lower level as well? I tried setting wlan1 to 19dBi, and it doesn't seem to be doing anything. Which is weird because it works on my other devices, and I'm pretty sure I had gotten it to work on the Mark 5 about a year ago. What's even weirder is that I plugged in the Alfa AWUS036NEH with a 9dBi antenna to test it, and by default I'm given a txpower of 30 which isn't even a legal amount. Luckily I don't plan on using the NEH with the nano so it's not much of a problem for me personally, but I wonder if there are others out there accidental
  6. The nano needs at least 5v 2a. So the pineapple juice is 2a. I have a large 20000mah battery that works with the nano, but because of the size I can't use it with the tactical case. If you do buy a third party one, make sure you read the reviews and such very carefully. A lot of them are absolutely worthless.
  7. 99% of the time I connect another card is for client mode. Yes, I could just tether it on my phone, but WiFi is faster for me a lot of times and doesn't run down my phone battery. And even though I have an "unlimited" data plan, I can't tether very much. Or maybe you're trying to do multiple things at once on different channels. I also seem to pick up more WiFi while wardriving if I use two. I guess one might miss a beacon, but the other will pick it up.
  8. Name: Dakota Favorite game: Not much of a gamer anymore, O just play whatever my family is playing at the time. Favorite OS: Windows. (Hate me all you want, I dual boot Debian if that helps.) Favorite console: Xboxes have always been my favorite, although I only have a PS4 and Gaming PC right now. Nationality: American Accent: American Sex: A very feminine male Height: ~5'4 Weight: 107 Build: Lean Favorite band: The list is way to large for this post. Favorite book: Books that envelope your soul and show you the world in a different light. The kind you have to take a break from just because
  9. Because you can generate the tables before you have the handshake. If it takes me 2.5 hours to generate the tables, and 0.5 to test it. I can do the 2.5 while I'm at school or work or wherever. And then whenever I do get a handshake, it's only going to hake me half an hour to test it. You don't really save any time, but you do get faster results. But like you said, my main use it for things like 'dd-wrt'. I see those all the time.
  10. There are also masks that can help. Especially when a vender has a set default, like 8 numbers. And you have attacks like WPS Pins, and Pixie.Also tools like WiFiphsher, And sure it could take time, but I usually just start it before I go to bed, when I wake either I have the password or I don't. And even if I haven't captured the handshakes yet, I can still be generating tables overnight. I could be generating the times at home, while I'm out sniffing the handshake. With enough password modulation, you could get any password. The main thing is the time it takes to do it. I used to ke
  11. Well put. Yes, you can capture all the data required to get a password for a wifi network with the nano. Then you could go home and get the password using your computer I have some tutorials for this in the Pineapple University section, but the commands it boils down to are these: airmon-ng start wlan1 airodump-ng -w PacketCapture wlan1mon (Then just do near the AP you're wanting to crack and wait for someone to connect to it.) (You could speed this up with a deauth attack as mentioned above.) Once someone has connected to the network, you might want to make sure it was piked up by the
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