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  1. Hi, Go to your router at home and change the Channel of your Wifi.
  2. I agree that it would be a nice adition to newbies like me. Even so i also understand that it would consume some time. If I had the knowledge about all the tools included on pineapple I would do it, but i can not write about what i do not know. If someone wants help creating i can help inside my limited knowledge of course.
  3. Hi, I am trying to use Linset on the Pineapple, but I am getting the bellow errors as per Printscreen. Does anyone knows if it will possible to run it on our Pineapple Mark V? Thanks Linset: https://github.com/vk496/linset
  4. Hi, I am green one on wifi as a Pineap user. Even so I am making my own discover and i would love to see an infusion to crack the WEP. Thanks
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