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  1. Ok I did a little searching on the topic. Autoplay/autoruns not going away, its just that they've changed its behavior. See here under the section entitled: "Improvements to AutoPlay". Basically to sum it up here, unless whats been inserted is optical media you well still get an autorun/autoplay prompt, but only the installed default actions of the system well be displayed to you. Unfortunately, they're keeping it the way it is for optical media due to user habit of expecting the installer for their software or their dvd to start playing immediately when they insert a disc into their systems. Regardless its still exciting to know you wont haft to worry about somebody's latest usb infection unless these u3 drives and what have you become more popular. They already are I suppose, but its going to only get worse. Really we need to start training users to manually find the installers on thier discs or launch thier favorites movies with the programs they want to play them in, so MS can put an end to autorun/autoplay for good regardless of what type of storage device it is.
  2. Nice, thanks for sharing... Kinda scary when you think about it though. No tools required. Just turn on the computer and its ready for owning lol
  3. Concentrate on Windows 7/Sever 08 (I think they've got the cert for 08 now). Skip Vista alll together. With the negativity Vistas been getting I doubt any company's going to be upgrading to Vista. Assuming they don't f-up Windows 7's release most well probably be upgrading from XP to Windows 7 in the coming years.
  4. Well by accident I came across Dotfuscator. I'm wondering how good it actually is... anyone? I found out that they actually install it along side VS for all versions except the express so sure enough it showed up in my tools menu in VS. Registered the community edition (here comes the spam :( ). Supposedly all a beginner needs to do is to select the input tab, import the assembly they want to use, select the build tab, and hit build according to thier help file, but when I attempt to build I get a brief flash of status at the bottom of the screen and nothing but empty directories (see attachment). Its canceling the build for no reason. I've changed the output directory and even specified a temp directory. Nothing appears on the output tab. I can't figure out whats going on here and getting really frustrated having had to register. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Update: Expanded the details pane at the bottom after setting build output to verbose (see second attachment). Apparently its requiring a VS file or version I don't have, but I don't see how that can be. I'm using VS Pro 2008.
  5. Same here, even with a 32 inch on fullscreen ;)
  6. Wow... time for the FF developers to consider sub-menus or start removing the least used features from the context menu.
  7. Don't think so... just make sure you don't have the newest wii menu installed or else it won't work.
  8. Ok update for those that may be interested. Its not done because I've been really busy. For my app for at least the moment anyway I ended up putting in a button that simply launches windows calculator. But once it is it'll be here...
  9. If you already got a media center pc for the living room its worthless unless you like the game offerings, though backing up your games is cool, but like drop said you haft to flash the xbox with special firmware to play the copied discs. After seeing in the hak5 ep that you could backup your games to an sd card it doesn't compare to the wii's possibilities.
  10. Check out systeminfo /? Have your app save the output to a file and than have it post the contents of the file onto something say like a textbox on your application's form for viewing. The last bit or similars required cause the console well just open and immediately close after systeminfo is done and you won't see anything. There's various other system information gathering commands. Look at the batch files the usb hacks here use.
  11. Its not the answer, specially when the real bad stuff blocks out the infected systems internet connection. Than what? Physical access scanning from outisde the compromised OS, forever.
  12. Windows Media Player 12 well support playing DRM free iTunes media, but I don't imagine you'd want to wait so... Change your import settings to mp3. I'd change iTunes music library location as well (or at least temporarily). It should be elsewhere than the iTunes folder so you can easily retrieve the files. Re-import your music folder with open folder from the file menu. When it asks you to convert the songs click yes and wait for iTunes to finish converting. If you no longer want to use iTunes than you can go ahead and uninstall it. Copy the coverted music files from the location you selected for the iTunes library to the location where you want Windows Media Player to find them/where you want to store them. Personally, I have my collection in all mp3s and have both iTunes/WMP setup to rip/import as mp3s to the same location. This way, I only have one copy of each song on my hard drive and both programs well play them.
  13. After seeing some of the things a person can exploit using autorun why even have it enabled? I've disabled it on all of my computers, not that I let anyone else use them anyway... I'm for it. But its going to be a pain to train non technical savy people to go to computer to access thier devices. Most of the people I know panic when they plug in thier device and don't see the autorun show up or the folder to thier device automatically open. IT's going to have a lot of support calls on this one lol. But seriously though, yay for MS for finally doing something right for a change :) Hmmm... From the article: Appears as if U3 hacks well continue to work :)
  14. %homedrive% gets system drive, %homepath% gets path to current user's user directory, so copying the current user's "My Pictures" directory: xcopy "%homepdrive%\%homepath%\my pictures" %~d0\%computername%\pictures /s /e /c /q /r /h /y /a
  15. off topic here but I noticed you got your net+ there digip. Congratulations! So I can assume than you got CCNA now as well or did you end up taking Net+ first like I had suggested? I think I'll upload my logos too lol
  16. Yeah, the time factor kicks in when you realize you spend a whole day going forum to forum reading 35 pages of new posts, so I usually bookmark the ones I'm interested in for occasional browsing and stick to a few, right now 3 to be exact. I'm becoming a forum junkie as well. I used to be this way with IRC. I keep having to pull myself away from the distraction lol
  17. Looks very interesting, a little tweaking here and there but it looks almost like the "rough draft" I was working on earlier today. I think for the purpose of getting it done I'm going to have it calculate as the user types stuff in, but having a function like this well be very useful for other projects or for my app anyway when I'm done with it. Thanks for posting that link. Would it make any difference if I learned C#? I guess I need to stay away from .net all together but what languages would provide flexibility like this that VB can't? I'm stuck on VB at the moment but in the next two years I should know C# as well and maybe Java with the classes I'm taking, so by all means I'm more than willing to learn a new language if it provides additional benefits.
  18. Maybe if you linked to the orginal post containg the .bat file or posting it here someone could help you...
  19. Well the answers no. In the coming days I'll put a function together doing everything the hard way :( ... But for those interested I'll post it here when I'm done with it :)
  20. Tomba 1 or 2 for the playstation? Played that for hours... Edit: Tomba 2 on Gamespot
  21. Ok to clarify here it is a vb.net windows forms application. Its not only a calculator, but a calculator integrated into it would make things nice for the user without having to hunt down windows calculator in the start menu or open more windows in thier taskbar than what they need. Would this work?, taking the text property, having it convert to a decimal if it calculated a mathematic expression passed in, and assigning to a variable for output? decAnswer = CDec(TextBox1.Text) If its only a number than thats not an issue but i'm not sure if vb would calculate the text as an expression like in the case 2+2 to make 4 and convert it to a decimal :(
  22. I have an application that well have a simple calculator built in. I'd like to make it as easy as possible for myself here by storing the problem the user is calculating in a read only textbox. When the user hits equal, it should take the user's mathematic expression from the textbox and actually calculate it to return an answer. Example User puts in 2 + 2, Textbox control reads "2+2" (Appends on each character as the user types it like in Windows calculator, User clicks the equal button and the text property from textbox control is calculated and returns an answer. The long way I can think of solving this is going character by character and converting the values, but this would require much more code and time to develop. So is there an easy way to calculate mathematically whats in a textbox? I use vb.net but c# developers feel free to comment since it should be similar...
  23. The device has to mounted some way in order for thier software to access it. If its not mounting as a drive when you plug the zen in go to disk management and see if it shows up to assign it a letter.
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