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  1. Jeez what a great waste of my time...
  2. File Properties -> Unblock on the general tab. You should be using Vista drivers. W7 is supposed to have full support for them.
  3. Or have an empty .bat file. I don't think you need to put anything in there.
  4. Modify the shell value at hklm\software\microsoft\windowsnt\currentversion\winlogin so its empty?
  5. taskkill in a batch file and schedule it to run on logon.
  6. Vivek, you just very well may be the reason I'm finally getting around to learning assembly. Great work :)
  7. Suggestion to hak5: Post show notes with each episode thread posted. That way, its all in one place and a lot easier to update...
  8. I see. I wonder if I could take advantage of .net's encryption classes for this purpose? Create a separte project that'll decrypt and run the actual program if the right conditions have been met...
  9. Zimmer, by validation I meant check for known debuggers and kill them as you suggested. Custom cryptor than. It'll be a good learning experience so thanks everyone... If you got links to any paticular places that would explain the proccess of building one than that would definetly help. I agree with Drop here, it would be nice if hak5 did some more programming segments but unforunately the critizing they receive for the projects they've done with "oh this insert code works a lot better than what was shown on an episode" I don't see it happening either.
  10. Drop, thanks for your feedback. Those tools look great for if I ever want to go into professional development. Thing is, I don't need licensing or key systems right now and the pricing on some of those tools are ridicuous for a single developer, just a simple solution to safeguard against reverse engineering to easily get access to the orginal source code. Zimmer, I'm actually interested in putting built-in validation in the application, but I havent been programming long enough to know how to implement it :(
  11. Ok, so I'm not all that great with assembly but with intelisense came across the option to put in a AssemblyHashAlgorithm line using md5, sha1, or none in AssemblyInfo.vb. Does this actually protect your application with the chosen algorithm? I'm in the market for an easy to use tool otherwise that can take an executible and encrypt its contents so it still can be used but at the same time protect against reverse enginerring like Chris has shown on a .net app in a past hak5 episode. So if you had an award winning app you wanted to protect, what would you use? Perhaps this would be a good follow up to the episodes on how to break it, versus showing us how to protect against it...
  12. SomethingToChatWith


    lol This thread just keeps getting better and better (or more like worse)... Maybe if you didn't ask show me how to dos you wouldn't have people like delta giving you commands to wipe your drive, unless of course you want to dos yourself.
  13. Setup a bat to run it and than the browser you want to browse the net with and either scheudle/click when needed.
  14. They probably already have or well by the time you get to your 7th exam :( And its really 7k? A single exams 1k?
  15. 4 months sounds about right if you want to cram it and hope you get a score good enough to the pass the minimum. Thats about how long I spent for my net+ and sec+. Though I passed it, I must admit I wasn't very satisfied with my score on the net+ test. Than again, I took net+ and sec+ on the same day within 3 hours, so I had been studying for two certs at once, spending about 2-3 hours a day on weekdays and maybe a little longer on weekends until I finally broke down and scheduled.
  16. Thought they had raised the passing mark... Anyway, congrats tobar! Its so heart pounding as you sit there doing thier little survey just to get your score but I know exactly how great it feels when you see a passing mark on the screen for a test you've studied hard for. What cert you going after next? CCNA? I think I'm going to work on Linux+ and possibly Server+, since I've already done A+ and Sec+. Than I'm probably done with CompTIA and on to the cisco stuff with the rest of you networking guys here.
  17. Bottom of index page... most forums have 'em.
  18. Network+ isn't easy, but it is an entry network exam. Thier passing requirements for the exam however are slightly lower (at least they were with the 2007 exam I took - 554 or better to get a passing mark) I recently got mine. Expect to see a lot of material on network troubleshooting, the osi model, and subnetting. Above all use common sense and proccess of elimination. Network+ is nice cause its one of thoses certs that doesn't expire. @digip, you should take the net+ exam first. CCNA material is the slightly more advanced networking cert I'd imagine. If you can get your CCNA you should have no trouble with net+.
  19. How disturbing. Looks like the guy can barely get off the couch. Linux user it must be than.
  20. Googeful plus some forum links = Thread on clearing the recyle bin in VB: http://bytes.com/groups/net-vb/509609-empt...bin-vb-net-code
  21. BSOD 1.0 rofl Nice pics everyone, choose a better thread title next time though lol
  22. So I must use a char array and cycle through it to compose strings? Or would this do?... char *a = "some text"; Where whenever I refer to *a in code it would return its string literal? Edit: ok, I guess you just use the function there to assign it. Thanks.
  23. Well I found hak5 when it came to Revision3 like my profile says... Little did I know i'd spend a good couple of days watching every episode :) I like hak5 because it is a video podcast where most of the time with the good IT sec podcasts out there all you get is audio and you lose track of what thier talking about quite easily while you're trying to multitask.
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