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  1. You can't map dos, the virutal device is destroyed when dos boots so you need to expand it to partition instead.
  2. Depends on your teacher. "Oh would you mind logging in to this address at this port and tunnel and ssh and and..." you're just best handing over a ufd to him/her if you don't want them working on your laptop.
  3. Darren also did a talk at Phreaknic 12 I found interesting about producing the show and about the beginnings of the show up to current projects done on more recent episodes.
  4. G-Stress, you're stressing me out... Now really, have you not read the posts above? You can't install Windows or boot from Windows install media from ISO. Well actually, you can boot from the Vista/W7 discs but only for repairs (installs choke). Now if this a non-ISO install (you've got the files expanded to partition) you need to: Go into your BIOS and set the disk operating mode to SATA/IDE instead of RAID/AHCI
  5. Why they develop for OS X over *nix? Well lets see here, people like new macbooks and ipods and hmmm... oh wait! Unless you're a tech savy person you want everything working out of the box just like you would if you're buying a new PC, without a *nix OS.
  6. You can't if both located at sda2 (extended partition with logical drives). You'd need to delete sda2 completely to claim the space.
  7. The restricted driver didnt work for me. Had to blacklist it and use ndiswrapper. This was back with 7.10, maybe things have changed...
  8. Sounds like you are using an older version of grub4dos. Mapping (especially for ISOs) is still somewhat new. You'll nned to get the latest version to assure as little of problems as possible. Other than that, make sure your BIOS is up to date.
  9. No, read this: Solution: multi-partition the drive and dump the Windows discs to each individual partition. Chainload setupldr.bin from the appropriate partition for XP or earlier, or bootmgr for Windows Vista/W7.
  10. Use the Acronis rescue media builder to make an ISO. Use grub ISO emulation like this: title Acronis map --mem /Acronis.iso (hd32) map --hook chainloader (hd32)
  11. This is why you're best just keeping an encrypted file container of your important stuff.
  12. ImgBurn is another good one. I like CDBurnerXP but ImgBurn's got more options and is portable.
  13. You can use ISO mapping in grub4dos for some distros but not for everything. It works fine for tools like Acronis, kon-boot, dban, recovery part only from Win7/Vista DVDs, etc but for the rest it doesnt work cause protected mode kicks in on their kernels making any virtual boot objects made with grub4dos map inaccessible. Since i've already done some playing around long before this ep, let me go ahead and mention straight up what doesnt work from ISO mapping (or at least what I've tried and doesnt work so far): Installing Windows (any version) by booting from ISO made from Windows install media, Helix, BackTrack, probably not Ubuntu since Helix is made from it, UBCD4Win In short any real mode OSes/Utilities well work with map, everything else you need to extract to a physical partition. Now in regard to finding files that are actually there but cant be found... I myself (though I've got a multibooting USB) would also like a multi-boot DVD/CD. The problem is, say you got a file called vmlinuz in /boot folder. If you use: find /BOOT/VMLINUZ it finds it even if its lowercase. Even if you specify upper in your menu.lst you'll probably have a hard time booting it. Its very wierd behavior that'll need to be worked out in future versions of grub4dos.
  14. Create a virtual disk in VMWare/Vbox. Boot with the iso and install it there. Attach your USB drive to the VM or setup a share folder so you can transfer the files from the virtual disk that you need.
  15. the sorrow, I got the same laptop/wireless card as you. How'd you get the 1390 working in Ubuntu for normal browsing first off? I got mine working using ndiswrapper awhile back that of course doesnt allow you to put the card into monitor mode. I'm thinking just like you I'm going to be needing a usb card to do this kind of stuff. Isn't it a broadcom chipset? Also I notice you're using eth1 in your commands, shouldn't it be wlan0/1?
  16. It could still be the hard drive as Sparda suggested. Though a new laptop drives usually die immediately after a short period of use or last a few years.
  17. Darren was just trying to make things easy, but really a FAT32 format in Disk Management is all ya need.
  18. Great ep guys. Hope Matt gets to feeling better and you get your bike back Darren :)
  19. You can also set up a buddy list of friends and have your PM box setup where you only get messages from your friends.
  20. Turn off your PM box if you dont want to get messages.
  21. Task manager can show you how much memory a proccess is using.
  22. I guess I need to start visiting his blog more often. Thanks for sharing the link DB.
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