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  1. hey i am looking for a program that will allow me to play different advertisements on 8 separate HDTVs (each TV will be playing its own custom made ad) but they all need to be controlled by one computer is there any program that could do this?
  2. oh and why does it say i am missing 22GB?
  3. ok cool thanks ill let you know how it goes
  4. hey i just bought a Western Digital 320GB external hard drive and i was wondering if i reformat the drive will it be ruined or will it work like a regular hard drive?
  5. i dont want it on a plate i just need to find a way right a way cause i am short for time
  6. my schools computer has an israeli internet filter callled Rimon (http://neto.net.il). what is the best way to bypass it - VPN (AnchorFree's HotspotShield, maybe), proxy, or some other method?
  7. how much space will it let me resize?
  8. i put the linux ubuntu on a disk and i ran it from there but it wasnt giving me a partition on the hard drive to install it on i was able to get to like step 4 i wasnt sure what to do from there can anyone help?
  9. ok that sounds good so i am going to try out ubuntu and see how it works out thanks for all the help
  10. ok cool but by doing one of these things will i lose any programs or data that i already have on my vista?
  11. what linux distro do you recommend?
  12. hey what do i have to do if i want to run linux and windows vista on the same machine? i already have vista installed and i want to be able to boot linux at the startup but im not sure how to set that up so if someone could help me out that would be awesome thanks
  13. was it an online game?
  14. no its not bomberman it looked more like a mario game but it was not mario
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