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  1. How about making it where the first 2 posts or so haft to be approved before they are even posted?
  2. Can you still get into XP? Install EasyBCD there -> Manage bootloader -> Re-install Vista bootloader -> Write MBR. Still having trouble? Sometimes startup repair has to be used more than once to fix everything. You may also try the manual steps for rebuilding the bcd here.
  3. Use startup repair from Windows 7 DVD. Get EasyBCD 2.0 beta build 63 or later from here and add entries for both Ubuntu/XP.
  4. Simple, most places dont have dont display last username enabled, so a user account is already filled in for me. All I need to do is get in under a limitied user to use net user to get the information I need. Once i've discovered an account with admin access that isnt disabled, reboot real quick with kon-boot and get in.
  5. Sounds like need to start charging lol Im just too nice to people I know.
  6. Umm, can you say net user? You don't need admin access to get the usernames for the computer and I doubt you've enabled don't display last username so who cares if its not the welcome screen? Your username is already filled in by default. If you took the time to read through the thread you would have noticed patched XP machines and Vista safeguard against this escalation flaw in at by requring you to be admin to even use it.
  7. edit: sorry, didnt see this post when I posted below. Delete if you want...
  8. Anything I pirated I since went out and legally bought.
  9. If you're goning to boot off something whats the point? I think kon-boot more than covers it.
  10. Copy the files from existing XP installation media over to a fat32 formatted flash drive. Use bootsect to make it bootable.
  11. Ok, tune in at 12:02. He used GCC to compile the code. There's an option you need to throw in (they show it briefly if you wanna pause it). Darren said there was a note somewhere about it but I didnt see it on the site.
  12. Ok, the force option isnt needed to close your apps. In addition you may shutdown your computer without closing your apps, granted any hanging apps would stop it until you ended it. Like you I was commenting, so maybe if you tried it you would understand it.
  13. Ovbiously Darren has for the episode. hak5Darren, how'd you go about it?
  14. If frames are so looked down upon than whats the best replacement for them? They ovbiously have a purpose to some people.
  15. How are you really shutting down your PC quicker anyhow? I notice you've got a 3 second delay in there for a silly message. You're best taking out the forcing everything to quit and limiting the time before it tries to shutdown to 0.
  16. Yeah good luck. It would be nice if they put up a compiled version. They just assume all of us are hardcore coders.
  17. Ok, it doesnt. Sometimes these type of files are executible. They've got a /docs dir that may come in handy. Bummer, I was going to try this out but like you I've got very limited experience compiling manually.
  18. The download didn't come with a .bin file? Hmm... let me see if I can find it. As for compiling ovbiously you're missing something there or need to include a parameter with make.
  19. If you're not modifying anything in the code use the pre-compiled bin and dd as shown on the episode to install it to a flash drive.
  20. I don't get what it is about storing data on these laptops that are getting stolen. If the files stay on a NAS at the office than it wouldn't matter. People are asking for trouble.
  21. Ok, the at command can be used by a limited account even in XP SP2. Don't believe me? Type "at /?" at the command prompt. You should see the help output for at. Now while you cant actually "use" the at command beyond viewing the help this is an ovbious giveaway. The task scheduler service still runs under the SYSTEM account. With any luck what I'm thinking is MS only patched the at command itself. Even a limited user can create tasks using the GUI. So what does this mean? I'm wondering if you can take a pre-sp2 XP version of the at command and use it? If MS only patched the at command stored on the local system whos to say you couldn't use an older version of at from say a flash drive... And yes digip, you're right on there. The way anything involving proccesses in Windows works is that child proccesses always get the amount of system access the parent proccess (in this case at running as the system account) has.
  22. You sure about that? I just got done trying it on my XP SP3 box without issue.
  23. Wouldn't UAC protect against this? I'm amazed its that simple. And here people are thinking the screensaver login trick in 2000 was 1337.
  24. In a batch, add this line before specifying the place to put files; it basically makes the root of the drive the working directory: cd\
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