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  1. I'm the exact opposite of everyone who loves Move2SD. I stick to Google apps for the most part and can't stand the constant "do you want to move to SD" messages every time I update apps on my phone. Anyone know how to disable this feature in Android? I've removed my microSD card from my phone and I'm still getting asked to move apps (I've got a T-Mobile Vibrant w/ 2.2 Froyo, so I'll never run out of space).
  2. Nice, and I also see its in the webstore, perfect for sync. Thanks :)
  3. I use Chrome for everything, but I have one work website that doesn't play nice and whenever I need to visit it from home I haft to copy+paste into IE. I'd rather not create a bookmark in IE. If possible, I'd like to modify the bookmark in Chrome to run IE and point to the URL of the work site. Anyone know if its possible? All I'm getting from Chrome is a save as to download IE from my hard drive :-)
  4. So the updated code would be? Sorry, like I said I don't know a lot of html beyond basic tags. I got this code from 1 of the various blog posts on it if you do some Googling. The original post I had found was for getting it to work on a WordPress blog (which Lifehacker pointed out recently), but seeing as this is using Google's service I thought it would be easy enough to implement into a Blogger blog... but nope, it doesn't display anything right now. BTW, heres the code in text form: <script type='text/javascript'> <img height="240" id="QRImage" width="240" /> $("#QRImage").
  5. This look wrong to anyone? I want to get dynamic qr code generation working for every page on my blog. I desire to add it as a html/javascript gadeget on the side bar. My html/javascript experience is very limited....
  6. Just thought I'd let everyone know I've got screen magnification now. Getting it working is a matter of installing the CompizConfig Settings Manager for X systems and enabling the enhanced desktop zoom settings.
  7. I'm visually impaired with poor eye sight unfortunately at times, so I'm looking for full desktop screen magnification program for Ubuntu. I don't need a screen reader but if its there the better. I'm aware of Orca that comes with the system, but I've been unable to use it (it crashes and freezes up the screen, or doesn't allow me to navigate the system with the mouse). Its not that I have bad graphics, its integrated but it used to run Windows Aero just fine and now I've only got Ubuntu on this laptop as my primary system for on the go productivity. I've been really impressed with Ubuntu la
  8. Teamviewer is nice. If you want an alternative look into Mikogo (especially if you want to use it at work).
  9. I wouldn't go with Verizon. Ask me 2-3 months ago and I would've said sure (I had wanted the Droid X), but now that they've dropped their unlimited plan and continue to charge customers the same high priced rate I look at them differently now. Sure they've got nice phones, but theres others that can compete. Besides Sprint, T-Mobile's also got an unlimited data option. $30 a month for my Vibrant. Worth it because I've got Wireless Tether installed so I might consider even dropping my home connection if I had to (it runs pretty decently even though its only 3G). Samsung's Galaxy S line is tru
  10. What tools/steps did you use to prep the card and partition it? I'm thinking if I initialize the card in Ubuntu and format it in Windows maybe it'll like it?
  11. I'm not having an issue with formatting/partitioning at all, except for the fact whenever I disconnect from the computer my phone says the SD card is corrupted. I've formatted as fat32, and I don't need multiple partitions, just 1. It likes fat32 just fine, its only when I prep the disk with an MBR table that allows me to make the partition active and bootable. It has to be a Windows friendly filesystem as most of the tools are Windows based.
  12. I'm pretty happy with my new phone. Because it has 16GB of internal storage, I don't need the 2GB MicroSD in it for anything in particular, so I would like to use it as a computer repair USB replacement for a USB watch I used to carry around with me. It was very difficult trying to get the SD card set as active from Windows so I got everything setup in Ubuntu. Put Kon-Boot on there to test things out and sure enough I was able to boot it :) Theres a problem though. Anytime I use Disk Utility to format the SD card with a MBR table my phone well see the card as corrupted when scanning for medi
  13. It never created the dropbox folder for me, on either my sd card or my internal memory. I've found a portable version of the desktop version that seems to be working pretty well. Minor inconvenience but it gets the job done.
  14. Ok, to answer my own question, no, it doesn't store a local copy from what I can tell. Its a shame. Whats the point in installing the app than if you can just go on the website? I know it does allow you to use your files with other applications on your phone, but its just not what I needed.
  15. Anyone who uses Dropbox on their phone know if they have edit access to a local copy when connected as a mass storage device? A little background. My flash drive was stolen. I have a new Android phone :). I'm using my phone for just about everything portable now. This includes taking advantage of my phone's 16GB of internal storage to replace the need for another flash drive. Up until this point I didn't see the need for Dropbox. I'm old fashioned, and used Windows Briefcase to sync files between my computers and my flash drive. If Dropbox can provide me 2GB of storage that syncs with my c
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