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  1. Yeah unetbootin's only good for linux installs. It doesnt work for Windows (unless you specify bootmgr as the kernel? - havent tried it)... And I recommend grub4dos over just plain grub. Why? Well, grub4dos supports emulation of some floppy and iso images. I'm not sure if plain grub does that. Don't fiddle around with syslinux cause you can easily make a bootable grub/grub4dos disc.
  2. Go back and look through the hak5 eps if you need assurance. Somewhere they covered unetbootin on the show...
  3. System.Net? I know vb.net but I havent done any kind of net programming.
  4. And grub4dos if you wanna multiboot. I've managed to get everything I use on one usb drive. Verry nice instead of having to carry around a case of CDs or mutliple usb drives.
  5. Can't go into detail but I believe one of the requirements for the project is not around anymore. You well need to look around for other ways of doing it.
  6. Error 17 typically means you're simply pointing to the wrong disk/partition. Grub offers edit facilities at boot time to help you figure out the right parameters and you can edit once you're in for future booting at /boot/grub/menu.lst. It doesnt mean your systems crashed. I'd haft to agree though. VMs make it easy. I just got VBox today to start playing around though I've had a physical machine up in the past. It just makes everything easier. No worrying about configuring drivers, but learning your stuff.
  7. Half the networking terms referenced on the show I wasnt familar with prior to my certs. The studying is good, even if you don't fully understand it at first. The idea is to become familar, so that you can even gain an interest.
  8. You usually learn by picking topics that are most interesting to you and dedicating the time to sit down to research them. As you acquire more knowledge, you'll understand concepts at at least a overview and develop an interest for more technical topics as you go along. If you are serious about your studies or want to turn it into a career you'll take the knowledge and experience you acquire over time to go after certifications that'll help potential employers identify you for what you know.
  9. You would need to have the orginal most likely in order to use for comparison.
  10. They were using Sony Vegas, but have switched to Adobe Permiere I belive.
  11. Stop hacking your school. You're there to learn, not to own.
  12. Report it to the proper authorities. Law enforcement should be able to get the information they need to trace the subject from facebook if case need be. Stop trying to be the officer and let them do thier job.
  13. They used to use Vegas, but now they use Adobe too. I use Vegas. I can't speak for everyone but its more than fine for personal projects or tutorials you want to post up on the net. Get yourself the platinum version and you can do HD if you've got an HD camera. For ~130$ it can do just about everything you'd want and if you don't want to pirate software its perfect compared to paying $300+ for Adobe.
  14. Its probably a 5 min segment of something they'll throw in the next ep of Tekzilla I guess. Edit: Nevermind, they announced it at the end of the last episode on unraid server. Why they titled thier sticky with 109 though there won't be one who knows. Well, we'll see everyone again soon on Tekzilla and the new show then.
  15. The search tutorial motherload of all search tutorials! :)
  16. ftp /? The ftp command well allow you to interact with a ftp server via the command line if that's what ya mean.
  17. So 109 appears to be a farewell ep, but it hasnt been posted from what I can see?...
  18. Don't you mean replace "insecure" with "secure"? I'd think for it to secure the shell so you must enter a password it would need to be "secure"...
  19. Yeah, he also posts past blackhats on iTunes for download as well...
  20. I got Wireshark portable myself but its not very useful having to haft to installl winpcap on each system I want to use it on. Any way of making it fully portable without need for installation of anything to get it working? I've been able to accomplish it with Cain but not having too much luck with Wireshark.
  21. I don't use thier menu app cause I got u3 and stick to that. Thier installers allow you to extract the app files to a directory and use from there.
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