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  1. a friend of mine is being stalked by an ex-fieancee, and we are trying to find things to stop him. He has a a facebook account, and i was wondering if anyone knew a way to hack in and read his info to find out where he is
  2. Bigscary1

    MP4 to mp3

    does anyone know how to convert mp4's to mp3's
  3. recently, i found out that i had washed my ipod. well to make a long story short , its dead. So i was thinking about pulling my songs from itunes to windows media, so that i can by a cheap mp3 player. The problem i have is the fact that itunes saves files as mp4's, i was wondering if anyone has a suggestion on how to go from mp4 to mp3
  4. Hello, I am not going to lie, i am a complete noob when it comes to the topic of computers. Yes i know the very basics, but i have always wanted to learn how to hack, how to become more effective at removing viruses, and just how to become a better tech. So the question i pose is. What do you recommend as the best thing for me to do to begin my training in the way of hacking
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