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  1. This topic could go on forever... Hackers use all of them.
  2. Yes I know its not likely you could get away with it. Ok... here's a more solid example of what I mean: I put netcat in an iso file to keep on my hard drive. Real-time scans don't do anything to it. Even if it does detect it during a manual/automatic scan, it can't remove it because its a disc image... unless it actually just considered the whole .iso a bad file.
  3. Yeah, you should start seeing a lot more drivers updated through WU with W7. Heck, you can even update some programs now through WU... or at least update them through the typical update dialog users are used to. Makes it a lot simpler than having a user memorize for each program where to go to get updates.
  4. Here's another idea. See if you can fool it by having it in a zip or cab file and than just copying out the programs when you need them. You might be able to run them from zip/cab if you're lucky, but don't be suprised if it doesn't.
  5. Perhaps hyperlinking to the episode instead with the start/end parameters?
  6. Awesome... always wondered how one would go about creating a crawler.
  7. A re-installs probably best (and probably what you'll need to do than), but if you still want to try to recover it look manually recovering the Vista bootloader code and adding a new entry for Vista here.
  8. what? oh yay, a word thread.
  9. I havent had it crap out on me, but I guess thats because I did all my partitioning in Vista prior to installing W7. If you think its gonna crash on you than stick to diskpart, but if you want to use diskpart there's also no need to burn a seperate disc in order to use it. If you go to "Repair my computer" and get a command prompt from the recovery options menu, you can also use it from your Windows 7 DVD.
  10. While it may be possible, this is way too dangerous. The hidden volume would be corrupted the instant you write too much to the outer volume, which could happen quite easily when its an OS volume.
  11. Which language? Assuming its in vb.net and the bat file is in the same directory as your program: Shell("av.bat")
  12. Windows 7 doesn't require two partitions if you've created a partition and selected it for installation. Otherwise, it does so so that the user can use bitlocker drive encryption later without having to meet any requirements prior to setup. Diskpart can be used as well for shrinking the partition if you'd prefer this method, but you can easily accomplish the task using the gui tools during Windows 7 installation.
  13. Is this Vista or XP? Recover all of your files onto the partition and set the partition as active. If XP, boot from your XP disk and do a repair install. If Vista, boot from your Vista disk and do startup repair.
  14. During Windows 7's installation you should be able to "Shrink" XP's partition by clicking the additional/advanced options link when you get to the partition screen and create a new one from the free space in order to install Windows 7.
  15. Autorun files really only work like half the time. UAC might be an issue as suggested, but seeing how your having these problems in XP and Vista its your auto-run settings taking control of what actions to preform. If you install the auto-launcher from U3 settings I'm sure it'll start working as you want it to.
  16. Yeah, select run u3. Than double click Launch U3. If you'd much prefer it auto-run either: Set up auto-run settings so that it does so Install the u3 auto-launcher program from u3 settings
  17. Yeah javas a pain to start with. I can remember getting a hello world program working on its own (actually manged to compile the jar :)) awhile back but I'm much happier with .net now. Not saying I don't want to learn java, its just vb + the fact it was a class I took very seriously = got somewhere a lot faster than trying to learn on my own. This though took me a good 5-6 months and I'm still learning, so don't expect to learn it using the 1-3 week strategy. GL whatever path you take.
  18. It has forwarding options in its settings. You can forward faxes/calls. Not sure about sms though. I think it communicates with their servers on the numbers you provide so when its off or on all your calls should be forwarded there. If you can't find the settings or they don't work, look under the account section in t-zones to see if you can set it up that way. Don't be surprised if your bills a little more than you expect though. They might charge for it.
  19. When i say install I meant the appropriate madwifi or heck, normal drivers for the 1390 wireless card out of the box without manual configuration, not in regard to installing bt. And yes unetbootin makes it pretty straightforward to install bt to usb, except when you want to use grub instead and have it dual-booting on a flash drive with helix/pe. That was quite a project in itself.
  20. I got bt3 on usb. From what i've seen you haft to set it up manually. In other words, its not automatic, but if bt4 is that would be great.
  21. Actually I like that, though it would still be nice to view all of the posts like standard view. Yeah... leaving mine to standard too.
  22. Does bt3 supports it? Got bt3 and I've never been able to view APs from the live disc anyway (Does it haft to be hard drive installed?)
  23. So the 1390 works out of the box with bt4? Got a 1525 w/ 1390 myself.
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