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  1. Didnt his last post pretty much describe it?.. Well except maybe for the script loading from the server part. Don't see how you coulda changed those settings unless the admins were too lazy to lock it down. Anyone with that viewer could tap in. Shouldn't they have userids/passwrods or tie it into AD if the software can do that? At the HS I went to you couldn't even right click windows.... what is it with these IT teams at schools now days?
  2. Its been awhile since I've fooled with net send. It might've been disabled in SP3 but it should still be there, you just haft to enable the service.
  3. Already been used... Maybe the infection's spreading through your network from other computers? You don't have any shares set up?... Seriously though. If you got a pirated copy now you know why its bad. Either go back to the previous legit copy you got with your PC or look to an alternitive like BeOS or give linux a try.
  4. Well it would do the trick :) Go get mbrwizard than and wipe the mbr clean if you really think its a mbr virus that won't go away.
  5. I really need to start using digg and some of these other services ppl are crazy about. Got a page full of sets to choose from. Thanks :)
  6. They should be able to log just about anything they control, but by the problems you've described it sounds like they're doing a half-ass job if anyone could access anyone elses files.
  7. You know, the scary part is that some colleges allow ftp access to student files from anywhere. If the tech guys won't listen take it to administration and have them handle it.
  8. Portscan of the target. Unless the company's paranoid with security you should be able to hit up the IP from a browswer and asssuming its on 80 it should show.
  9. Its the immediate individual that thinks getting free monies is a good thing. With the way things are getting, everyone is out for themselves and themselves only.
  10. Watching an ep of hak5 is one of the better things I look forward to every week :) You guys are doing an awesome job. Look forward to season 5 for sure.
  11. Google... I've done some searching but the stuff I have found have had icon sets stuck together in a single jpeg or come out crappy when I try to turn them into individual icon files. Recommend any letmegooglethatforyou searches?
  12. So I'm done with a really nice app that needs a little icon love and maybe a theme I guess to make it look nice. Since I'm not really a designer I've kinda thrown together a logo for it and a background for its forms so it doesn't look too dull and plain using office and stuff At the same time I don't want to get into any trouble using icons in my applications off the net because the app has the potential to be used by others than just myself should I decide to release it. If I do however it will be completely free. So what I'm basically looking for are any free toolbar sized icons for menu commands and application buttons and maybe some good background ideas or links to open source software to do the task.
  13. Couldn't one run a 32-bit VM inside of 64-bit OS for compatiability for 32-bit apps?
  14. Wipe the drive with DBAN a few good rounds and do a re-install if you got a legit copy of Windows.
  15. Well here's an idea. Keep the date, continue to broadcast analog for two weeks, and show the messages only on analog... that should make it pretty crystal clear I think for those so reluctant to accept that this is the way it going.
  16. Yes net send is for XP and earlier, but its also still present in Vista if you enable it. Peronsally, I like the screensaver idea myself :) Just make a batch file to copy over a pre-determined folder so that you can quickly set it up when you get the chance.
  17. Better yet give it a .exe extension to really throw 'em for a loop :) But that doesn't matter. You can make an additonal container inside the hidden volume within the outside volume for even more security and TC already offers up to three types of encryption on a single volume as it is. Slower, but def. secure.
  18. Yeah I was sitting here trying to figure how you'd been able to code a player into your post, but yeah. After the first couple of seconds you realize its a gif file...
  19. Yeah, use truecrypt and its great. You can use multiple keyfiles in addition to passwords and hidden volumes for extra security. As far as giving it an extension goes for hiding, give it like a .doc extension. Opening it probably wouldn't even work with word/wordpad.
  20. Yeah... you start out thinking you only need x ammount of variables, but depending on the task don't be surprised to finish the project with twice as much. It's all about going back once you have a solution that works to clean it up.
  21. If temp = "[GUI]" Then Form2.Text = FileReader.ReadLine() If you need to use the input for more than that, put it in the temp or another variable first and reference the value, say like this assuming its put in a variable called temp2: If temp = "[GUI]" Then temp2 = FileReader.ReadLine() additional actions to do using temp2...
  22. Use the u3 installer from sandisk since you got a cruzer u3 drive.
  23. Go back and watch all the eps so you know what we mean by "pineapples"...
  24. Ok here's what I do... I setup all of my personal machines with the same userid/password and configure permissions on the shares/printers so that only those accounts and maybe the administrator groups only get access to it. Remove the everyone permission. Disable the guest account. Than as long as you have the same userid/password it won't prompt you over the network for the share you're connecting to. This way, you still have a password but never haft to worry about providing it manually.
  25. Ok. Its trying to launch go.bat on its partition at \system\src\, but obvbiously its not there. Try locating it on the drive and if found copy to that location. Elesewise, get the sandisk installer for U3 and re-install.
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