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  1. Freeb, how would you do a string variable in C anyway? string variablename = "some text"; ?
  2. Sorry, I'm not good with C, but what I did in VB was... Make two arrays. One full of random numbers and the other with the actual information the application needs to use. Don't know about C but VB has a Array.Sort method that I use to sort the random array as the "key value", providing the second array as a second parameter, which well also sort that array's elements based on how the first array is sorted. Hopefully that'll steer you into the right direction...
  3. What does a 3 year old do with a computer?... At some point you realize the age of child and the use of computers during that stage in thier life isn't a good idea.
  4. I like reading on the computer more because I dont haft to hold a book. Just sit and read. Don't really highlight stuff, but at least with the computerized version you can copy/paste into a notes doc to keep track of the material. Desktops in every classroom with the bare minimum and exercises pre-loaded either on the computers locally or on a network share. No laptops. Too much trouble like said and since the students can use them for personal uses all of the stuff they use in their free time is available to them during school time. With locked down desktops, there wouldn't be. With desktops in every classroom, there would be less need for computer labs as well, though one or two may still be useful for the occasional project.
  5. Looks fine to me. If its not working properly or giving you errors insert a double of the problem character. That tells VB you want the actual character to be printed, rather than caring out an action on it. In addition, you may want to create a new line like actual html code would appear like in say something like notepad, so it appears like this: <html> <head> </head> <body> <p>Some Text to Display</p> </body> </html> To do this, use a rich textbox control or enable an existing textbox control's multiline property. Append VB's vbNewLine command wherever you want a return to occur, like this: TextBox1.Text = "<html>" & vbNewLine & "<head>" & vbNewLine & "</head>" & vbNewLine.... and so on.
  6. I kind of understand your explaination, but want to know what its doing behind the scenes detail by detail, command by command... Questions: Whats the /f swtich for for "for"? How can diskpart run without /s for "list volume" which is echoed before it without using a file? Whats the ' for before "echo"? I guess its incrementing v<number> variables for each volume line returned using findstr on the output from diskpart list volme, but what are the ^'s for?
  7. I've made up a couple batch files in my day. I'm familar with %1 %2 %3 etc for passed in parameters. Its the %v1 %v2 etc and the first two lines that are throwing me off.
  8. Alright so with commands like diskpart I've wondered how you could create a batch file to preform actions with x command. I know you couldn't just put say something like "list disk" right after diskpart in the actual batch, so I did end up finding a few sites on google on the topic. Here's a sample batch I'm having some trouble understanding fully. It basically takes two partitions by number as referenced with diskpart's list part command and switches thier drive letter assignments with each other. Not really useful and not exactly what I want/need, but anyway... @for /f "tokens=3" %%x in ('echo list volume ^| diskpart ^| findstr /c:"Volume %1"') do set v1=%%x @for /f "tokens=3" %%x in ('echo list volume ^| diskpart ^| findstr /c:"Volume %2"') do set v2=%%x echo select volume %1 &gt; SwitchDisks.csp echo remove letter %v1% noerr &gt;&gt; SwitchDisks.csp echo select volume %2 &gt;&gt; SwitchDisks.csp echo remove letter %v2% noerr &gt;&gt; SwitchDisks.csp echo select volume %1 &gt;&gt; SwitchDisks.csp echo assign letter %v2% &gt;&gt; SwitchDisks.csp echo select volume %2 &gt;&gt; SwitchDisks.csp echo assign letter %v1% &gt;&gt; SwitchDisks.csp diskpart /s SwitchDisks.csp del SwitchDisks.csp I know that its echoing all the actions to preform inside diskpart to another file to use with diskpart's script switch (/s). Lines 1 and 2 are what I really don't get and things like %v1, %v2, etc though. Explaination any one?
  9. What is with people apologizing for double/triple posting? I see it all the time here. I believe you can delete your own posts, so why not do that instead of posting yet again with an apology and leaving the orginal duplicates to what you're trying to get across in the topic? Edit: Nevermind I guess you cant on this forum, but stilll, how do you get to the point of double/triple posting something in the first place?
  10. If you program with C++.Net in VS than yes it is. Spend maybe 30 minutes or so on the GUI and the rest of your efforts go towards coding the actual use for the app. Like I said, its drag and drop. Grab a button, put it on the form. Double-click the button and start typing the code for it...
  11. Don't know about the others, but AVGs working great in W7 as well. My only complaint from the free version is no firewall, but W7's firewall when configured correctly appears to work just as well as any of them.
  12. Well there's always Visual Studio with Windows forms applications and toolbox with drag and drop form controls. Though with your experience with python I doubt you'd want to learn how to program for Windows only. Anyone else got a better idea? I'm actually interested myself in this. Something like VS that could be used to develop cross-platform applications.
  13. Create a new msn account and avoid conversation with this guy. End of story
  14. Everytime I open up Putty I get a headache. They really do need to redo thier interface. Kudos to the OP for the program and apologies for my inital recommendation to just use putty. Your program is obviously a lot more simplified and pratical for quick use whenever needed.
  15. I got a copy, but I'm not about to post it up to get in trouble. Hope you understand.... Best of luck with your studies. Why the heck are they teaching you vb6? You should be learning vb.net, most preferably 2008 though thier already working towards the 2010 version of visual studio.... its just about impossible to keep up with these things. Make sure you take what you learn in vb6 and play around in vs 2008 at home so get used to the differences between the two since .net is the present and future.
  16. Hey moonlit, thanks for your edit. Wanted to know if you could do that with OS X.
  17. Or you could use schtasks: help schtasks for Vista/W7
  18. Or if you don't mind not having the assitance of the ide at home and are just working on code (rather than design), open the code file in notepad and work on it.
  19. Create a task to start outlook five minutes after you've logged in or one to start a bat that in turn schedules a task to start outlook after 5 mins. Useful thread, thanks for posting. 35 different places in the registry alone for auto-start though? No wonder so many viruses are hard to counteract once they get on and deep into a system.
  20. yes, there are differences between vb6 and vb.net, so you'll need to convert the code, but if you start fixing things in vs 2008 don't be surprised when you take it back and find you can't run it on your school's computers.
  21. Well actually, I havent put this to practice for myself. I usually just rename the files as suggested before.
  22. Yeah mario cart sounds like a lotta fun. Is the ds version of guitar hero any good?
  23. Hey, I've had a DS for awhile, but I rarely ever play it. I'm not really a gamer, so probably the only thread you'll get from me in the gaming forum :) I have a little bit of time during classes I'm taking, and would like to actually start using it. I'd preferably like any recommendations for best games on the DS platform that you can just sti down and start playing... not story rpg/role games that take hours and hours or never end, as I don't have time for those and usually get short tempered with playing such games when I suck at them horribly. As aid for helping a gaming noob, fighting type games have always been interesting to me. I grew up playing hours on end with tekken on the PS one ages ago. I have Picross for the DS, which is basically a puzzle game that I really enjoy. Perhaps rockband/guitar hero if the DS versions are any good? So please do enlighten me on what good having a DS can provide (besides hacking...)
  24. Details dude... Details! Which VMMs and OSes are you trying to run and what problems are you having?
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