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  1. Any way we can download the videos from securitytube? I'd like to be able to take them with me on my iPod. Edit: Nevermind. Figured it out.
  2. It may be that the software shipped with the laptop wasnt updated and contains a few bugs or what have you causing the problems your describing. Like I stated earlier its just better removing it. Should your friend need it support well give him/her step-by-step instructions over the phone to download/install it, and it also ensures they've got the latest version which is what the support technican on the other end well want you to have.
  3. Run it in compatibility mode for Vista or earlier and it should work.
  4. Apologies, bloatware was the wrong term to use. If annoywares a term than thats what I'd label it. If you feel you need it then great. To me its one extra thing I dont want starting up with my system and bugging me. I've stated opinion more or less. If you feel its useful by all means continue using it.
  5. portableapps.com Basically anything you can take with you that you might want/need to use.
  6. You should never have it installed unless a support technician is helping you. Why?... a) Why do you need it on the computer if you are not in need of support? b) When you recieve support that requires the use of dell remote access the technician helping you well have you go and install it anyway first thing, even if you've already installed it, so its pointless having it installed ahead of time. c) Its basically bloatware when not in use. So is a lot of other additional software they pre-load on there such as Dell support or url assitant.
  7. http://ubcd4win.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=11375
  8. Sec+ is great to start out with. You can get the 2009 Security+ exam objectives here, detailing all knowledge domains you should study for in order to be prepared to pass the exam, most of which deals with basic cryptography concepts. For studying I'd recommend MeasureUp, though there are some free resources online as well.
  9. Its not an ASP.Net application (just a normal windows forms app), but I'll take a look at it. Thanks...
  10. I'd say something but I think the flamers above have done a pretty good job. Respect the education they're giving you and keep personal shit to outside of school.
  11. If you want real dirt cheap way where you don't need to download/install anything I used to use Windows briefcases (built into Windows and still do actually) before I got Acronis to sync stuff to an external drive. Sort of works but gets very slow with video files and doesnt work with Access databases too well for some reason. I still use it for syncing up with my UFD between my two computers so I always got access to work related files :)
  12. File Backup Backup4Win / Backup4WinXP FBackup Partition Backup/Restore Disk Copy
  13. If only the most annoying of people had reset switches lol
  14. If your school/teacher hasnt ordered pratice test software you should look at A+ MeasureUp tests. They've helped me get my A+/Net+/Sec+. If you can pass those than I'd say you're ready for it. Its good to learn the material as best as you can, but there comes a point where you really just going to haft to memorize facts (espeically with the older stuff nobody even uses anymore thats still covered on the exams). Notice I said exams. You need to pass two exams to get the A+ cert. One of them well deal with commands/hardware (tech stuff) while the other well for the most part require you to know how to interact with customers based on common secnarios an IT worker would face.
  15. Yeah, it was here digips response from that thread was:
  16. You dont need two topics on the same issue jbohaj.
  17. Ok with the way I was writing it I would've had a gigantic function or 5-6 functions and no support for ()'s. I think I'll stick with the code from the link than. Now to convert it to C# since I've gotten into that as well lately... Update: somethings up with the function. I had a whole bunch of not delcared errors until I imported System.Math but I still got one more error for the single line using "m_Primatives". Its not declared ovbiously. I wonder what its there for or if theres another namespace I need imported. C# definetly does have an advantage over VB, paticuarly that being of size of the compiled assembly. On a few test apps I've thrown together the C# versions were only half the size of the vb ones. Anyone know why that is if its all supposed to compile to MSIL anyway?
  18. Ovbiously it is since he uses BT4 on it just about every other episode...
  19. Never mind, found the solution: Lists[] NewLists; NewLists = new Lists[2]; OR Lists[] NewLists = new Lists[2]; Declaration of the array without a size won't give me errors. Hope this helps someone else :)
  20. So i'm taking on C# as my second programming language and its been pretty fun so far. Having experience in VB has helped a lot, so much so I think everything I know about C# I've learned in the last week or so, but... C#'s not as easy to transfer to as I thought. I'm doing a fun little console application that creates two string collections that reference a single array (one for names and one for colors), assigns the string values, and than finally outputs each person's favorite color to the console. I did it first in VB and its working fine: So basically when I run the app, I get two lines: Jim likes Blue Jack likes Black I seem to be having trouble with C# array declarations of a custom type (in my case a structure). Anyone know what I'm doing wrong here? C# version:
  21. I feel like apples saying "hey come break into my customer's computers"... Word gets out of this to Apple I'm sure Apples going to patch it so enjoy while you can everyone.
  22. I always wondered what the support... account was for
  23. Well I set 1024 for the vertical alignment and it would fit, assuming none of the addons were there. With the addons I still cant fit it all on the screen.
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