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  1. ..yeah I got that part, but the acronym doesn't make sense. And has nothing to do with cofee, of what had he spent a little time could have been a great joke.
  2. yes it's simple to add a skype button and have everyone sign in with the same account, skype will allow you to be signed in to one account from multiple clients.
  3. windows key + e > tools > folder options > click items as follows > done
  4. you hosting suck wait until I get home and I'll mirror it here http://the.grayhatter.com/moonlit/AntiUSB.rar
  5. epic lame 1.??? 2.fake body 3.old bad picture 4.photoshoped
  6. it's not even U3 so unless you clicked on something you did not get hacked, you're safe... at this time you should install some sort of anit-virus so that you don't have to worry about it again.
  7. an RF card (chip) reader and a magnetic card reader are two different things that work in different ways.
  8. I don't have much use for this but it's damn cool. VERY nice work!
  9. not to say microsoft wont take credit, but then it only exploits their systems so maybe they dont want the credit for that one.
  10. linux does work on your laptop you just haven't put any effort into getting it to work.
  11. meh, it says nothing about autorunning the programs, just that it's on a thumbdrive I don't think that makes it a switchblade
  12. the group you're looking at will never meet your requirements, but good luck. have you tried craigslist?
  13. we could do 2, one in the usa and one in the UK somewhere and war game?
  14. first hit on google http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=fapping
  15. A hacker is a hacker, they both can get the information, it's what the person does with the info that makes them them white black or gray... sniffing traffic going across it's at the most white hat, spamming bluetooth with images is at the most gray. It's not untill you sniff/redirect traffic so get passwords to then use or sell do you become black hat.
  16. according to the error that gave us the only way to fix it, is to drop it in a blender on high... thumb drives are cheep and can be bought just about anywhere, tell him to replace it.
  17. if we do do vegas in august, just remember summer+ desert
  18. How many people would come to one in Las Vegas
  19. the g is no where near the w how the hell did you manage that one?
  20. I'd come to Las Vegas but then it would mostlikely be 21+ because thats the age you need to be to sit at the tables And if it's after the 15th I'll be able to play and would love to join in. I vote the 16th or the 23rd.
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