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  1. VC++ umm about this one.. this one is free rite?? rite right* Seeing as microsoft makes it very easy to download off their site I'm going to guess yes.
  2. SomeoneE1se


    Yeah maybe for this weekend. what maybe? don't use the word "maybe", just do it. qfe
  3. ...dude that would take forever to debug...pass...
  4. SomeoneE1se


    I am not opposed to this thread and I wasn't even going to flame you... Still waiting on the 2 people too.
  5. SomeoneE1se


    that's a total teenager cop-out online friendships don't count. I'm talking about people you know face to face (video chat is not face to face)
  6. SomeoneE1se


    Why do you think that is? name 2 (that are not your friends)
  7. SomeoneE1se


    ... ...I.... ... um... ... You know what, nevermind.
  8. OK... thats epic off to learn lolcode
  9. In human he means that's not a mind fuck, just a forest.
  10. Poor file host What would you like instead? almost *
  11. you did a first person shooter to truly pwn you must pwn in all games time for an RTS I vote for a somewhat old RTS that is one of the best there is/was Red Alert 2
  12. I meant anything sitting on a *nix core that you can get to the command line portion of make it power user. No matter what the GUI is like
  13. "install" each on to the disk and add GRUB
  14. yes you can, not the way you think take a look at secureDVD
  15. yeah clicking links are hard...http://hak5.org/episodes
  16. Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management > Right mouse click on drive in the list > Change drive letter and path > Add > Select Random Used Drive Letter > Done > ??? > Profit?
  17. If you could NAT the computers on the line just set up a computer as a NAT device Windows with madMacs would work as would any linux flavor with mac changer script and cron
  18. isn't what bitch?! ;P Isn't "Someone Else" :P oh.. got it.. <.< >.>
  19. I used to play but blizzards servers have gotten lame I lost my disk but the user managed servers were the best.
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