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  1. not for the switchblade, I've seen white hat uses for it*, but for this payload What's the white hat use for fucking over an OS? (*moonlit you need to build a anti USB hack payload)
  2. wow, you're like that DEA angent "I am the only in this room who can handle this glock9" *bang* he shoots himself in the foot.... only you did it twice...
  3. I'll help you figure it out if you can name one white hat use for this
  4. I have the mogul but any phone with bluetooth teathering + Vaio TZ
  5. I take it back I'm going to have to recommend the light install of XP it would be mind numbingly simple to get xp to do all that and worst case backup desktop.
  6. Having never used it and knowing next to nothing about it I suggest Microsoft's Home server.
  7. don't piss around sanitize the damn upload script.
  8. 'cause everyone know they be smrt.
  9. There is probably a dick laying on the ground or something. no it's probably a fake one that made to trick n00bs into thinking it's a mindfuck. 2cm from the guys knee, there is a skull in the grass. --- Edit --- To the left. that's REALLY stretching it
  10. lmao (I know one word post are annoying and not helpful, but that was too funny not to.)
  11. There is probably a dick laying on the ground or something. no it's probably a fake one that made to trick n00bs into thinking it's a mindfuck.
  12. I've been thinking about this myself, the two ideas I've come up with are to use a database for individual users/permissions; id, userID, module, premissionLevel, or grouping them into groups; access level: user (read only), editor (create, manage own created entrys), manager (manage any entry), admin (manage users *) so a "user" could be a editor and create entrys but not a user and read them.
  13. any reason to not just use your own?
  14. unless you find it and point it out,
  15. Yeah, break your own network.
  16. I said it was a lame joke to be ignored. Ah well, time for the grand edit. I would have but the conversation continued, also editing after someone has quoted you serves no point, also,
  17. a VPN is not what you want, SSH and a tunneling client it what you should be looking at for this a VPN would be over kill. Also have you tried asking IT what they are doing, or not doing anything at work you don't want them to see. And any of this becomes pointless if they have monitering software already install on the computer.
  18. create a dir that ONLY you're user can see or write to, and create a root cron job to check to see if /home/user/secret/dir/shutdown.file exists if it does delete it and shutdown...
  19. try the code with out using functions.
  20. You might have noticed this community is based loosely around helping people learn not proving how great you are. GonZor++
  21. find a friend who knows how to burn a disk and boot ubuntu, recover/save everything install ubuntu, or buy a new copy of XP, or call the computer manufacture and find out if the drive has a separate restore partition. But don't trust those noobs to save your data, do that on your own first Ubuntu! and let this be a lesson to you, ALWAYS keep a linux live cd in a safe place
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