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  1. my main computer has one(1) it's my tz my tower however has 3 on case 1 psu 1 gfx card 1 2nd gfx card 1 psu and another one if you count the small one I have blowing across my rack
  2. I'm sorry but I'm feeling the unstoppable urge to call you a n00b again... n00b!
  3. use kismet for find them and just watch carefully also I suggest submiting a bug report too, this could be a bug, or maybe a feature that could be added
  4. you must make hollywood movies what is scar?
  5. MIND FUCK... when you try and read it you're brain will shit bricks I think that's the longest thing I've read that says nothing... care to throw in a thought next time?
  6. You have a lot more choice then you think, and that's not a real disorder it's crap that your parents should have taught you, and it's almost never the teachers fault when a student fails. And you jumped on someone and clawed their face bad enough to send them to the ER? You shouldn't even be in any school.
  7. fuck the upside down ternet replace all of his images with very large images of goatse/tubgirl/anything else metatron links to in IRC
  8. rab so you're saying that it's better for a child to be left without a family at all then to have too dads and no mothers?
  9. And you can set up cameras to watch and then hire strong mean thugs.
  10. Then why list them? I saw your comments as so obviously flawed that they needed no comment.
  11. interesting computer repair site, your lazy explanation is grammatically incorrect
  12. perfectly fine only means fine and I use windows and run no AV no anti-spyware and have neither
  13. Oh yeah, mobile support... I miss that.
  14. Yeah and they both dropped the ball big time!
  15. Who remembers something that happened a month ago? Everyone? Good!
  16. are you saying VaKo is in experienced?
  17. It's almost as if SMF was better and and IPB is crap...
  18. they did a show on this you're going to need an adapter that supports it
  19. all the current specs on WiMax involve a ISP like sprint/someone else would would be more then happy to filter your internet for you, good luck on that one
  20. No Darren bought a wordpress theme that also had a IPB theme so we switched from SMF to IPB so it would look purdy
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