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  1. make a vista gadget that's a clock skin?
  2. ...just a thought how would they do this? blocked by IP? By dns?
  3. I would guess they're all the same creating different cases for each would be very expensive.
  4. you have never owned one of these there's no screws yes there's little tabs you have to press behind the morse code holes that spell out a message, kinda like taking a 360 apart
  5. a exploit that allows any skiddy to crack just about every debian/ubuntu server's user password vs a worm that targets a large corporation who is already ready to handle a DDoS attack? yes I do
  6. are you high? you would give someone you never met access to your personal info?
  7. Even tho I use debian, I loveed the ssl exploit it's as bad if not worse then anything MS has ever done
  8. Remember, anyone worth worrying about will have rainbowtables or access to them so it's how fast your computer can read data, not calculate hashes.
  9. next next door as in next to each other, or next door as in down the street?
  10. the ONLY way is to remove the battery bar none you cant even flash a new rom without taking the battery out first also there is no where you can get help for any of your questions everyone else will respond in the same way, most will be more abusive then we are being
  11. yet another reason IPB sucks ass
  12. they learn there's just always new ones... also I'm actually being helpful on this one, with what you described, can't be done
  13. the iPod is a great little device, if not slightly over priced and WAY over valued
  14. you don't really need a firewall unless you're giving other users access to the box and you don't want them running anything that listens
  15. how about dont buy an ipod then it wont be stolen?
  16. long.list.of.bad.people.ips.dat >> /etc/hosts.deny ??
  17. no all this does is disable the booting of the OS, anyone who's going to go looking for data will do so from a live cd anyone else will just throw it away or load there own OS anyways
  18. Anyone else still getting logged out, or is it just me?
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