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  1. Oh well if you're just wondering I do that stuff all the time, in fact I'm doing it right now, w00t r00t!
  2. s-nomad in irc is currently getting paid for that job.
  3. if you're leaving your computer unattended in a coffee shop you've got more problems then the Switchblade
  4. of course they can, here look... http://the.grayhatter.com/images/null/pie-cake.jpg[/img] as you can see this pie cake chart shows the level of n00biness and corrisponding suck is a lie
  5. What would you do if you lost the key? buy a new key, pick the lock, rekey the lock?
  6. A watch doesn't run firmware or an OS or anything like that it's just chips, circuits or gears that measure time. But then toasters run BSD so...
  7. Their forum has the most badass theme ever. Stop the useless posts plz Both of you need to stop waving your dicks around trying to see who's is bigger they're both small. Now grow the fuck up and stop acting like n00bs!
  8. Try the pandora forums. Thats not helpful. Yeah because that was SOO helpful! ...tired = fuck being nice ... http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,7413.0.html ... start reading!
  9. dude... I can't even tell you how bad I feel, I was a total asshat on air :(
  10. Vista + VMware* = Computer Death! I lost an entire HD to a VMware install on vista (fucking windows backup did nothing)
  11. If you're really worried about it leave the door off and get a small fan to blow over the entire innards, a USB one MIGHT work. and try speed fan, it will check the temps on the HDDs to see if it really is hot to warrant worries. http://www.almico.com/sfdownload.php
  12. I hate you darren you lucky bastard!
  13. how about better user management, more security, better file management?
  14. I like it the only problem I for see could be lag (via VNC) as well as loss of quality (video not content.) Apart from that, I love the idea, now all you need is guest. Any plans for community members to contribute?
  15. or azureus I have everything for 50/mo and Got Neptune? Ok seriously stop, I just fell out of my chair laughing and almost broke my elbow. huh?`
  16. How about somewhere in the USA? I like to come but I don't think I can swing tickets out of the US
  17. SomeoneE1se


    Dude, you're getting a Dell!
  18. I was asked this question already... I'll have to use this, thanks.
  19. SomeoneE1se


    Hak5 doesn't recommend any laptop (until they start getting paid by one) however the community recommended laptop changes from the use, and monthly.
  20. ...meh I like most of Derrick but this one...meh...
  21. Use the windows setup wizard? It allows you to create a USB drive with all the settings, and I think it will autorun, if not use a U3 drive.
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