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Weed eater


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Today i had to clear a fence line... for those who do not know what i am talking about it is when grass, weeds, and small trees grow up into or around a fence surrounding your property. The weedeater string kept getting pulled out or at some points wouldnt cut what i wanted. So i found some old thick gauge copper wire we used for electric fencing and here is the out come.



This easy 10min mod turned a 2hour job into an easy 30 minute job. I know its not very "hak5" but i thought I'd she my experience.

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i have a bunch of old copper wire and piping laying around. but i cant find a place that will pay me for it yet. the copper held up pretty well but i have some steel that i want to try. The weedeater vibrates really bad with the copper. So maybe if i add a dual blade to it, there wont be as much gyration.

Now > --o

Later Mod > --o--

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There is a reason that they use plastic in these things... so that when it breaks off it doesn't put a whole in your leg, or the neighbors dog....

If I needed to mod this, I would go with something that won't break off after a couple of bends. and make sure you balance it properly.

Good Job Not Killing Yourself though.

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I worked in landscaping for a few years and my job there was trimming. well, we had the weed eater that had the plastic fins rather than wire....well one day one of the fins broke off and sliced my leg..... /facepalm. Moral of the story: if it can break and make you bleed, leave it off the weed eater.

nice work on the mod, but keep that first aid kit close.

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um yeah im in agreence with every one else, kool but very dangerous mod. personally i would have done this in dire moments and not for a long amount of time. im pretty sure the head on these are plastic and copper wire is very easy to break so eventually its gonna break and you prob will be very lucky not to get hit by flying debris.

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Yeah after using it for a bit, 30mins, the wire did snap and go flying. I am safe but i dont think i will be doing that one again.

SO this is a bad idea

yeah high speed metal in something its not supposed to be in is rarely a good idea. the rare occasions it can be considered so are proper mods that are tested safely lol.

it just takes weed eating practice to get a fence row well lol. made good money working for a doctor(who also employed my grandmother as a nurse, my aunt as a cleaner, my other aunt as a baby/house sistter, and my grandfather for repairs) at $10/hr at 14. once you do the same thing every day you get used to it lol(she had tons of land so i did the same thing every day. by the time i finished a section it had been a week and time to start at the beginning. made a few hundred a week tax free lol)


your idea is solid. you just need a material that isnt so pliable

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I bought a gator, at least thats what i thinks its called. They are plastic blades and so far have worked well.. my problem was poison ivy had grown out of control and I used all the plant killer i had... since gas was expensive at the time i didnt want/feel like burning it out.

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