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  1. it started ending songs early again this morning, i did a search in a the log for "MP3 header was not found in the first chunk" but i does not come up with anything -edit- i see whats happening the timer is going to fast i'll see if i can post a video of it in a few minutess wow wtf after looking at my system time in my windows xp machine its going to fast.... i think there might be something messed up with virtualbox maybe... :/ guess its not a saver2 issue
  2. First off let me say this is probably one of my most used programs, i run it 24/7 (even when i'm sleeping :D ). After I updated today every song finished before its supposed to, the time that it shows finishes (ex. 4:10 / 4:10 ) but the song isn't over (theres more then 4:10 to the song)... i just restarted saver2 (haven't restarted since i updated yet) and it seems to be running better now, though it seems some songs finsih a scond early but maybe not... Thank you for this program!
  3. iv'e been getting an error like this quite abit recently: Error: System.NullReferenceException PandoraSaver made an oopsie. System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at PandoraSaver.ID3.Save(String filename, String sourceFile) in C:\documents and settings\zigzagjoe\desktop\pandorasaver\new\src\ID3.cs:line 452 at PandoraSaver.ID3.Save() in C:\documents and settings\zigzagjoe\desktop\pandorasaver\new\src\ID3.cs:line 401 at PandoraSaver.Saver.HandlePendingSessions() in C:\documents and settings\zigzagjoe\desktop\pandorasaver\new\src\ID3.cs:line 401 iv'e restarted pandorasaver more then once this seems to mainly happen when its on turbo mode and theres ~250 .dat files in the mp3 folder. Sometimes it happens to all the files in the qeune (200+), sometimes just one...
  4. Thanks for this great program! I really like it compared to others, its sooo much easier to use and has alot more features... I would just like to point out that from what iv'e found, if your someone that is limited to the 40 hours, you can use the turbo download mode and it doesn't use your 40 hours faster then 40 real hours... it seems to be about the same even though your getting like a few songs every minute or so edit: After running it for 12+ hours overnight on turbo download mode, i noticed that its only used aprx 4 hours according to pandora...
  5. I got an email from Tim Westergren - Founder, Pandora containing the following: just thought i'd post that here, as i think only users that listen to pandora more then 40 hours a month got the email... i probably listen to 40 hours of pandora in 3 or 4 days =( Heres the email on pandora.com: http://broadcaster.pandora.com/dm?id=B7402...50542759970026E
  6. is it just me or is anyone else getting songs that are 43bytes? with ff 3.0.1 and flash 8? Edit: download is broken :(
  7. @newbie64 Try using VLC... its free, and it seems to have lots of goodies that other media players dont have, but it isnt the best looking.... @ihavnoclue Yes you can say that it DOES NOT work with the NEWEST version of FF YOU NEED VERSION 3.0.1 (or maybe 3.0.2?) if you look back a page or two we've already gone over all of this you will find some links.... I will say that i have noticed it seems that pandorarip freezes and next time it starts up it copies a but load of songs... i have also gotten a few songs that don't play the file size is less then 1MB... kinda annoying but it gets most of them
  8. If you've previously ran pandora with the newest flash pandorarip will detect those songs but wont copy them, thats what i've found, i could be wrong...
  9. What flash verison/player did you use because i can't find adobe flash 8.x for linux, and right now pandorarip isnt working with flash 9 :(
  10. For anyone looking to download 3.0.1 (you can install over a newer version and it will keep all your addons/themes settings as long as they are compatible) --> http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.or....1/win32/en-US/ --edit-- If you don't want Firefox to update go to and uncheck Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Update -> Automatically check for updates to: -> Firefox
  11. Ok well i was using FF 3.0.3 and PandoraRip didn't work i tried 3.0.2 and it didn't work, i tried 3.0.1 and i half-ass tested it so i can't say if it works or not (i think it might), i'm currently using 3.0.0 and it so far PandoraRip has ripped 2 track so far (detected others but already had them on my pc)
  12. well there was the PandoraRip program made by konfoo, there is a post in this forums ( http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=8024 ), but as of right now it doesn't work, but it was by far the easiest to use program for Pandora i found
  13. Is it just me or is this program no longer working? (/em slaps himself shouldv'e read last posts) heres part of the debug (i checked and a few of the songs i dont have...): Sniffed Media! Sniffed Media! 863 Scan(s) completed for 24 Temp Dir(s) 0 Total Tracks Ripped :( Sniffed Media! Queued UnCached Track ReCached UnCached
  14. Can i make a suggestion about the "Select an Interface"? Why not check when the program first starts up how many there are and if there is only 1 then already select that and the "Grab UnCached Tracks" just to make it a tad easier for some of the newbies other then that "Rock On"!! Thanks for the program! --edit-- I just noticed that right clicking and clicking "Play" for a song doesnt do anything for me
  15. i think this would be a very very stupid move, think about how many people make money online, how many people do you think would be out of a job if this was to happen? I'm thinking quite abit, and with the job market as it is....
  16. guess there is no point to it lol... was just bored yea that would suck if your file got corrupted
  17. only one person has tried it :( Does anyone think that this would be a cool thing to use? I mean it would be harder to 'get' into someones account because you would need more then a password -edit Right now i'm trying to get MySQL to work so if the page doesn't load try it again in a few minutes
  18. i think there was an ad on tv for somethink like that... it was like a weed wacker but instead of plastic it had like 1/8-1/4in rod on each side...
  19. @benjamin1254 points 100 and 68 kinda conflict with each other.....
  20. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_much_is_your_body_worth "Women's eggs are costlier than men's sperm. The survey found that a fertile woman could sell 32 egg cells over eight years for $224,000; however, for a man to earn the same amount, he would have to make 12 sperm donations a month for 20 years." wow thats $7000 a pop... lol apparently my dead body is worth either, $4.50, $5165 or $45 million... The end part of the 45 million - "Although this break down is illegal, unethical and also impossible, you should not feel like a million dollars anymore. You can feel like $45 million, instead!" but i only feel like $4.50 :( i wonder if theres tax on your body?
  21. Hello everyone, i was kinda bored so i made a login script that uses a username p/w and a file to log in... i was wondering if you guys could test it out for me just please dont use your real passwords.... http://darthneo.gotdns.com/ --edit And please don't upload anything illegal thanks --edit i think 100mb is messing up the script :( its kind of working ill see if i can host it off my pc... try that one its running off my pc....
  22. Might i suggest this for the name input tag in write.php: &lt;input type="text" name="name" size="14" value="&lt;?php echo $nam; ?&gt;"&gt; that way it 'saves' your name after you 'write on the hak5 wall', you might be able to do it this way "<?=$nam?>" but it doesn't work on my webserver... edit- you should probably add some more words to the "blocked" list....
  23. idk if someone has alleady posted a suggestion like this, but anyways, instead of doing 16 posts why not do 10 posts plus you have to wait 3-5 days after their acount has been created?
  24. maybe your friend is good with php and found a way to get into that webpage and change it to an immpossible IP address...?
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