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  1. Let me guess, you had a run-in? :-o
  2. If I join, will you stop stalking me?
  3. Jerk! Why must you remind me?
  4. I think UMG had something to do with it as well: http://seekingalpha.com/article/63562-can-...-stage6-pirates http://averad-blog.com/tech/divx-and-stage...lk-piracy-plank And yes, I am now whoring bandwidth trying to save as much Anime from Stage6 as I can (stuff that I can't find torrents for). I'll find it a good home where everyone can enjoy :D
  5. Famicoman, you moved to Cali? :o
  6. It's already taken, according to a Yahoo Geocities page :)
  7. This site gets my personal seal of approval: http://kevino.net/images/kevino.net/fullsize/p-seal-at-toronto-zoo.jpg[/img]
  8. This is depressing. I don't think any site can match the quality that Stage6 had. No buffering and full screen with a double click.... Fuck... just fuck... The worst part is I never saw a way to donate to the site, or even pay in some way for their service.... I would have too. Gah, back to torrents and *shudders* veoh *shudders*
  9. [me=Cosmo] picks up a brick and helps Moonlit bash his head repeatedly.[/me]
  10. He was following rule #8.
  11. /was making fun of some dumb comments >_>
  12. http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u8/Cosmo398/DTP.jpg[/img]
  13. I don't like getting presents. When I get a present it's like I owe them something even though I gave them something. That and I have to pretend to like it >_>
  14. No, of course not. You're that holiday fruitcake everyone keeps re-gifting. /love
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