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  1. I am hired right now by a client to do some "man in the middle" stuff and capture any n all information i can when a user logs on and off the computer. I have yet to be able to find anything of use but would love a key logger that can auto update as i stick in say a u3 drive to the pc. I don't have any money to spend on key loggers from the web... but here since the but u3 projects were so big i thought someone may have an idea of where to go or what i can do. thnks!
  2. *scratches head* huh? take the file put it under the /tmp directory and then install over top? is that what ur getting @? did that and it tosses the following out to me root@OpenWrt:~# ipkg install /tmp/jasager_2.1-1_mips.ipk Upgrading jasager on root from 1 to 2.1-1... Nothing to be done An error ocurred, return value: 28. Collected errors: Only have 0 available blocks on filesystem /, pkg jasager needs 399 what can i do to make it fit? also how do i do a reverse bridge.. wifi fun to lan ... cant seem to find any that are kinda dumbed down for me.
  3. I love jasager already on the fon 2100 i have... i got it installed and i am in the process of playing around with it and will more then likely leave it go all night on the other side of my house with a bigger antenna connected to it. I have one that is a bit better then the standard one they give u for the fon going on it and so far its doing ok.... Thing is I would like to be "up to date" on the latest installation of jasager and be able to do all the nifty fun stuff i hear people doing with it. when i originally tried to just install jasager 2.1 it said... NOPE srry buddy not enough room...
  4. ouch beakman... that was harsh... same cant be said about linux users who know what the heck they are doing! i orderd mine last week and should be getting it by at least noon tomarrow if not by 4pm.... ill let you all know what i find out on the alfa adapter i bought just because darren recommended it for packet injection fun! *is getting a super cantenna and a fonera router to go with it!* ill let you all know how the project is going when it all arives. I might just go take it for a test run thursday afternoon if i get done with it... putting it together early.
  5. PLAYING IT.... heck no they fixed the game and it looks UN-REAL!
  6. I keep on having these ideas more so now that im back out of work. I lost my job after having it for 2 and a half months :(... anyways My idea is taking jasager to the extream... I want to take 4 or more fon routers loaded up with Jasager and some sort of mesh network program and make a mass mesh network that may have the ability to reach several hundred yards from point to point. Taking advantage of this I would like to see if it would be IN THEORY possable to do a mass packet capture all leading back to the "command base" which the originating signal comes from. Doing this seems like a proj
  7. re-downloaded @ time 6:09pm EST and again same errors ocur maybe it dident replace the old download file? quick edit: srry if i sound kinda d*ckish but i havent been to sleep in nearly 24 hrs ... heading to bed as we speak!
  8. right now i am running into issues... client refuses to connect. log feed where issue starts and ends: 10/28/2009 4:19:26 PM PandoraC: Logging in to pandora... 10/28/2009 4:19:26 PM PandoraC: Syncing 10/28/2009 4:19:27 PM #0 POST http://www.pandora.com/radio/xmlrpc/v24?ri...amp;method=sync 10/28/2009 4:19:27 PM #0 POST 208 bytes to www.pandora.com 10/28/2009 4:19:27 PM PandoraC: ERROR Failed to auth: Failed to execute XMLRPC 10/28/2009 4:19:27 PM Pandora: Inspecting XMLRPC 'sync': http://www.pandora.com/radio/xmlrpc/v24?ri...amp;method=sync 10/28/2009 4:19:28 PM PandoraC: Auth
  9. thnk you man... i was curious about that . I like the program alot and when i can will donate in the near future for further development.
  10. no it was this non-flash based client and no i dont have one support.... *wishes he kinda did* but no.... I was using the same thing 2x on my computer to see if it would stop ripping into mp3 format and like i said it still wants to do it regardless if it is off or on... idk why. Btw it was the client u had uploaded for that reason and i guess so im gana go nab the latest version n see if that dont help. if i have to i will upload the clients output file and let you take a look @ it..... that is if it would help any. quick edit: i just tried er again and the same thing seems to happen... it
  11. ^_^ havent been getting any errors like i have and its all good it seems so far but i have another issue... seems when i went to go into a rip session last with one stand alone client it was fine because i told it to re-encode to mp3 so it could be read by my mp3 player... now that im running off a diffrent client it seens now that is all it ever wants to do even with the re-encoder clicked off. It just wont stop.. Ive tried everything i could think of but i would like to go back to a mp4 format so it would be easier to just rip-n-go. quick-edit: i was using 2 of the same program for a bit b
  12. thats kinda cute cuz i have an iphone i want the opisit to happen... it seems like my client is stuck in nabbing it in mp3 format and i want m4a format instead. i tried downloading a new client and still got the same issue :-S
  13. morning ZigZagJoe .... i keep getting win32 errors pop up... also i was wondering if u had a way yet to automate the updates to this app... it would help make life ez.... but compaired to ur last peaces of work ... i must say WOW IM Impressed! great work man.
  14. receaver model is th-d5 n so far i cant seem to get eather unit to talk to one another :( i cant even make it light up.. it dident work even after i got the cable plugged into both the receaver or the 360....
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