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  1. zelleie

    Dead Space

    thats fuckin brilliant. thanks for letting me onto that.
  2. zelleie

    Dead Space

    Damn, I completely forgot about that. well, looks like i'm going to have to check that out. as far as posting links....ummm.....sure, why not.
  3. zelleie

    Dead Space

    Woah, What movie are you talkin about? Personally, Dead Space feels alot like Event Horizon.
  4. zelleie

    no music

    Hey Rogue, I have a little story for ya: after i use Ushare (to stream vids to my Xbox360) all other video services (youtube, vids on the harddrive) on my computer won't display the videos . To resolve this. i use the handy <ctrl+alt+backspace> combo to refresh my system and my youtube vids work like new. My question is this: Is there any other program running (or that you have ran) that could cause a confilct of this sort (with your audio)? Is there a pattern, that you can see? Now you're confusing me in two different threads.....i hope you're happy ;p
  5. can't give you nothing nice, RogueHart. :) whats the new problem?
  6. Sorry about that RogueHart....the effects of boozin early in the afternoon....tragic.... ok, lets break it down a lil, what OS/Distro are you using?
  7. I'm with RogueHart, Amarok does well. You could try Songbird. I like that one too, and it did a decent job managing my tunes.
  8. zelleie

    Dead Space

    gcninja: dude, I'm right there with you. I thought the same thing. I was a bit taken back......i had the same "Are you fucking kidding me" moment in Bioshock still worth the time i put into it ;)
  9. zelleie

    Dead Space

    well, you're spoiler describes the whole game. Which is what i like most about it anyway :) let me know when you beat it though......
  10. I googled it (as i'm sure you did) and found nothing but "shady" type sites, but i'll call some people i know and find out who they use. i'll post again with what i find.
  11. You could look into VoxForge
  12. I worked in landscaping for a few years and my job there was trimming. well, we had the weed eater that had the plastic fins rather than wire....well one day one of the fins broke off and sliced my leg..... /facepalm. Moral of the story: if it can break and make you bleed, leave it off the weed eater. nice work on the mod, but keep that first aid kit close.
  13. zelleie

    Dead Space

    I just beat Dead Space a few mins ago and wanted to ask if anyone else has beat it and what you though about the ending. No spoilers. I don't want it to be ruined for other people.
  14. Lets bring it back to the topic :) I've been using Microsoft for years now and recently switched to linux for a change of pace. I have respect for Microsoft (because without them i'd be unemployed), but they helped fashion a generation of people who are lazy when it comes to computing. (i'm speaking in general, not you HAK5 people. thats why you're here). While i like some stuff about MS Windows, i feel like i'm being cattle called into "buying this, using that, just to get the job done" Linux kinda says, "Stop being a lazy fuck and do it yourself". (and if linux doesn't say that, people in the forums will). All the tools to make anything happen are there in plain sight and accessible by everyone. you just have to beef up your knowledge. which is what i'm doing now. wish me luck cause since i started using linux full time, i've been drinking more. :) nah...j/k
  15. growing up: teenage mutant ninja turtles inspector gadget southpark simpsons anaimaniacs (misspelled) beast wars transformers beetle juice Now: (not much really) southpark metalocalypse family guy Squid Billies
  16. It sux that this kinda stuff happens......but i kinda agree, after a while, hearing "Budget Cuts" as the reason for dropping the axe, kinda makes you wonder.....
  17. My name is Mike a.k.a Zelleie Favourite game: LOZ: Link to the Past Favourite OS: Debian Favourite console: Xbox360 Nationality:American Accent:--- Sex: Male Age:24 Race: White Height: 5' 8" Status: Not Dead Build: Diesel Favorite band: Green Day Favorite book: HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy Favorite author: Edgar Allen Poe Favorite movie: The Crow Favorite director: Kevin Smith Favorite TV Show: TrueBlood (atm) Favorite actor: Edward Norton Favorite actress: Jessica Alba Favorite Pinup: hmmmm......i dunno Favorite Comedian: George Carlin Other hobbies: Gaming, sketching, playing guitar..... Car: Chevy S-10 Occupation:IT Specialist
  18. I had RRoD show up on my Xbox360.....I reflowed the mobo and it ran like a champ for long enough for me to get a new one.
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