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  1. It's not a UAC issue, at least i don't think it is. Because you get a similar warning in XP when opening files that you downloaded from the internet. I tried installing the drivers from Synaptics website, but they are two generic and don't have the extra features that I really like. The XP Drivers install and run fine, I think its just an issue with how the installer installed the files, so that they appear to be downloaded and are questionable so Win7 prompts you about it.
  2. I installed Windows 7 on my Acer Aspire One. The problem is that, it came with XP and all the drivers are for XP/Vista not windows 7. I installed the Synaptics TouchPad drivers that are for XP. The problem is that when I log in and the small utilites start up that make the extra touch pad features like scrolling and multi-touch. I get prompted everytime to allow them to run. Like you do in XP/Vista when you download a file from the internet. And no matter how many times I uncheck "Prompt me about this in the future" button I still get it. And even if I go to the files and try to uncheck the same option in the properties, it rechecks it the next time i look at it. Anyone to permanently remove that?
  3. You could build a Windows PE cd and run from that the built in windows defrag tool, or others like JKDefrag/Defraggler/Etc.
  4. That seems pretty weird. I know for instance that my cable internet provider uses 10.100.x.x address to provide a connections from the cable modem to there back end cable stuff. Though its invisible to me and it just looks like I'm at a 69.x.x.x address.
  5. I can get XP from my college through the M$ Academic Alliance. Idk if thats an option for you, another option is getting a subscription to something like TechNET where you get a lot of software for free and legit, but its not supposed to be for personal use. If you have a name-brand computer like HP or Dell you may be able to buy a backup/recovery disc through them. And sometime you may be able to buy what is called a "media-kit" for xp, where you get an XP Cd, but you don't get a cd-key or license.
  6. STP or "Spanning Tree Protocol" is commonly used to detect changes in network topology, if you WireShark a network that has this in place you should see a somewhat regular stream of messages about it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanning_tree_protocol Most modern switches have AUTO MDI/MDX (auto cross-over) which typically means that some other network hardware is there besides a computer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethernet_cros...matic_crossover I'm sure both of those would help it.
  7. Even though the Beale encryption is secure since nobody has the ciper text, wouldn't it be possible to break the code by simply using either frequency analysis or sites likes this (http://snicker.nebrwesleyan.edu/~mcclung/getCipher.html) that work off of word patterns?
  8. I'm at college right now, and I would like to setup my computer to be able to share its wifi connection... I'm already connected via wire to my colleges network. I have setup ICS on the wired connection, and an ad-hoc connection to the iphone... but it still doesn't seem to work. The iPhone doesn't get a DHCP lease, its registered on the campus network and it should connect... I'm not sure if im doing this right or if this can even, never really done a whole with ad-hoc networking...
  9. 1. Windows Batch (if you call it a language) 2. QBasic (Quick BASIC) 3. VB6/VB.NET
  10. My Network: Not very complicated, but it works. I could try and make a diagram of our network at work, but its way to complicated and organized for me to bother. Overall we have at least 3 different networks. No DHCP Servers on LAN. 3 ISP Access Points. 2 Sonicwalls. All of our wireless networks are NAT'd with there own network. My boss insists on using only a /24 network, doesn't understanding anything about routing or subnets. I no longer work there :)
  11. Actually about 5 minutes after writing this, I figured out how to get VLC to export .mp3 streams It works pretty well, Im actually writing an application that would take care of making all the arguments correct and filenames, then launching VLC. It seems to work pretty good, and the best part is I don't have to download any more software. :)
  12. I have a lot of KeyGen music (from http://www.keygenmusic.net/). Mostly in formats like .xm .it .mod .v2m Anyone know of method or application to convert these to mp3 or any other friends music format? The only way I can really think of is automating some kind of a batch script to use VLC to play/capture the stream. Some of the songs are pretty catchy and it would be nice to listen to them on my iPhone or make them into a ringtone...
  13. I did a steam backup to my computer, which I wrongly assumed would backup that kind of stuff. At the time I didn't really think about backing up the mpdata file.
  14. I don't know how much coding you do, but most of it is done in an IDE (Integrated Design Environment). Like Visual Studio or Dev-C++. These programs are very powerful at helping you create code, with things like intellisense, and code snippets. It's really like saying "why do people talk to each other, typing is so much easier". It's really just the same thing, except it looks different thats all. Most people get so turned off by "writing code" they all expect it to be this unreasonably complicated process. Most people don't even understand the real basics of how coding is even done. I think learning the basics of coding would really help people to better understand exactly how computers work. I have a former boss, who was not a programmer or coder. His lack of understand the basics of coding really prevented him from seeing how different applications worked, he just thought "it should just be able to do that" when it was something the program was not designed to do.
  15. PS2 Keyboard + http://www.keyghost.com/ + Batteries = Small Recorder. All you would have to do to retreive the info would be to plug it into a computer and dump the recorded keystrokes into like Word. Though lack of screen would make it hard to get spellings correct. And it would be possible to type an entire days worth of notes only to have forgotten to replace the batteries and record nothing.
  16. There is a reason that they use plastic in these things... so that when it breaks off it doesn't put a whole in your leg, or the neighbors dog.... If I needed to mod this, I would go with something that won't break off after a couple of bends. and make sure you balance it properly. Good Job Not Killing Yourself though.
  17. I worked for about 3 months working up my XP in spare time. Go to like lvl40ish and then my mpdata dissapeared. So instead of doing that again I just hacked it to lvl55...
  18. I Think it would be better if it just showed the last 2-5 lines from like #wall in mintirc.net Im sure the php-irc framework could handle it, and there are a few people in the community that are pretty good with that (cough the_php_jedi cough). Though some AJAX would probably be better...
  19. Visual Studio 2008 C# Solution: http://naturalorange.net/uploads/scrnshot_source.zip Its very simple, less than 15 lines. Mostly I just modified another project to work on the command line. If you don't have Visual Studio, you can just open the main progam.cs file. Possible Features for the future would be adding a watermark to the image. -------------------------------------------------------------- I'm working on a project that would copy anything from the clipboard to a file. Text/Image/Sound/Files. It's not working yet but I'm looking into it.
  20. if its on vista you can use the "clip" command to send things to or from the clipboard (text). You could probably make an app in c++ or c# pretty quickly using the windows API's. I could make one in c# for you but it would require .NET 2.0 at least. I made one. get it here http://naturalorange.net/uploads/scrnshot.zip If you just run the exe, it will create a screenshot in the format year_month_day_hour_minute_second.png. Otherwise specify the name you want to use (scrnshot.exe filename.png). It requires .NET 2.0 framework. But no installation is needed.
  21. I'm just using the standard metal straight antenna, which is probably pretty poor quality. I'm not sure if i can hear it going over, i change to channel, get a bunch of static and turn it off. The connection to my computer is pretty good. I probably need a better antenna, if not a newer scanner.
  22. In Steam: Call of Duty 4 Counter Strike Counter Strike Source Day of Defeat Day of Defeat Source FlatOut FlatOut2 Half-Life Half-Life: Blue Shift Half-Life 2 Half-Life 2: Ep1 Half-Life 2: Ep2 Half-Life 2: Lost Coast Portal Opposing Force Team Fortress Team Fortress 2 Deathmatch Classic Deathmatch Source Peggle Extreme Ricochet Team Fortress Class TrackManiaNationForever On Pc: F.E.A.R. BF1942 + Mods BioShock Frets on Fire Age of Empires Age of Empires: Rise of Rome Age of Empires II Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Rollercoaster Tycoon Gold Pack Need for Speed: Underground 2 Need for Speed: Carbon
  23. The only experience I've had with RealVNC Enterprise disconnecting me is when I was changing users. But even then it would let me reconnect without much of a problem. I beleive there Is a way to re-generate the keys it uses for encryption. You could try that, and mabey changing the password.
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