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  1. hi, i have been on here a bit now but havent had the chance to intoduce myself. My name is Tim aka Timmo Favourite OS: Linux or Windows xp but have used mac os x, os 7, linux fedora/redhat, linux debian/ubuntu, linux slax linux DSL, windows 3.1, windows 95, windows 98, windows xp, windows vista and Free BSD Favourite console: hmmmm i use mainly soft modded Xbox running XBMC as dash Nationality: Australia Accent: Tasmanian lol Sex: Male Age: 21 Race: White Height: about 5ft 11in Status: in a relationship Build: thin computer nerdish Favourite band: anything good, not too much emo, early rock, bit of japanese stuff, heavy rock. Favourite TV Show: TV??? Other hobbies: computers (i just wanna learn more and more), electronics, music, gaming, anything techy. partying Car: VH Holden Commodore, 1981 Toyota Corona Occupation: Network Support Officer aka ICT Support in a large organisation i have been surfing my way around here for a couple of months now, putting my 2 cents worth in here and there, watching vids whenever possable, and i think you guys are doing a great job and willing to add my advice anywhere it could be needed. :)
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