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Mono anyone?


Do you use Mono?  

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Hay I’ve been using Mono for sometime now and the other day I was talking to a group of programmers and I brought up the subject of using Mono and they looked at me like I had a seconded head.

I was just wondering if any one else uses Mono?.

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It's an open source, version of the Microsoft .NET development platform which can be run on pretty much any OS.

Well if you build an application using Mono it is possible to have it run on any OS. It’s a lot cleaner then doing it in Python (using something like wxPython for the GUI)

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I may sound dumb, but what does .NET actually do that makes it cool?

As far as I can tell it allows a few new programing languages... and the ATI drivers... and that XPize thing you linked to (that I've now installed).

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ATi drivers are not .NET, a program included with the drivers is .NET, coding drives in .NET is 100% retarded

Oh that's right... the Catalyst Control Centre requires .NET Framework 1.1(or is it 2.0 now?).

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I took note of it before 1.0 came out. Back then we were a Java shop at work, eyeing at .NET for future expansion. Tried to get the company to give me some time to set up a team and work on this. Before it got going another branch in the company claimed the .NET expertise crown, which effectively meant we weren't allowed to work with it on company time.

Stupid way of dealing with things, but that's how it went.

I tried to pick it up on my own time, but since there's not a lot of that anymore I haven't really done much. So, NO, I don't use it. I do want to though. It would be a shame if only Visual Studio can be used to develop in any of the .NET languages (though I think SharpDevelop is getting somewhere, and Eclipse has a couple of plugins if I'm not mistaken).

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I hate the new ATI Catalyst control panel that requires the .net framework. It runs so slow.

Agreed, it sucks. I want the old propertis menu system back. ATI in all there 'wizdom' (if at all it can be called) have desided to stick with the craptastic control panle.

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