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My deskspace as it sits as of the beginning of March. I'll add a new pic to the album in a bit.

Yeah, it's my deskspace, but maybe you do or don't notice all the extra PCs hidden in/on/around it. ;)

haha nice, good old KVM switchs ^_^, question though, is there any room for a chair in there?

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I spy a Mac G3 and a MicronPC... heh

Non working g3, but no micron.

Bottom 2 are dual p3 1100, and xp 2400+, and the rackmount is an athlon 64 3400+, all homerolled.

there is a non working HP, p3 i think, behind the g3.

But if you look very closely, you can spot an Atari 800xl, a 360 , an Atari ST hard drive enclosure, and a sock. :)

Oh and the 2 pics were taken at 2 different stages of reorganization, thus the diff configuration between the 2.

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haha nice, good old KVM switchs ^_^, question though, is there any room for a chair in there?
Haha, no KVM switch there at all. Remotely controlling the other PCs is done via VNC, SSH, Abel (yes, despite being labeled a hacktool, it is an excellent management/administration app when paired with Cain), or a custom solution I'm not releasing at the moment. However, there are some spare keyboards and mice hidden behind the tower of PCs to the right of my desk.

Yes, there is a chair...but I pulled it out so that you could see the mess of cables and other machines under the desk. Otherwise, how do you get to appreciate the mess that is 4 power strips attached to one outlet?

Oh, and yeah, there is an update to that album. http://picasaweb.google.com/NickTabick/Des...eRollingUpdates

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I think that goes way back to when they said they were in Canada.

We never claimed to be Canadian. It's just that we hang out with lots of Canadian podcasters (commandN, LabRats, OpenAlpha, PurePwnage, techPhile) and did guest appearances on Call for Help with Leo up there. After a while it became a joke around the house so eventually on a trip I picked up a Canadian flag patch for one of the servers just to mess with people. It's visible as an easter egg in 1x09 I think(?). The one where Evil Server interrupts the signal and Wess and I plot to take him out with bruce force.

Anyway, for the record we're in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. Or as I recently claimed "Down with the 23188"... Or 757. Whichever floats your boat.

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