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  1. lol, I've just added a rack mount w2k3 machine off the netgear switch. and now the netgear switch is disjoint from the rest of my network so i have 2 separate networks :D
  2. please explain har har... total reliance on mods how? its the same as any other software, it does what it was designed to do and if you need more functionality then yea you need mods. I run my site without mods and i have no problems. Admin section seems pritty darn good to me... bit complicated but its a hell of alot better then phpbb2.. i haven't seen the admin side of smf but how does it compare to phpbb3?
  3. PPHBB 3 RC1 has been released heres the announcement http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.p...f4def3ca850ab9a I've already upgraded my forums: http://forum.networkfu.org
  4. Linksys wag54g(wireless router/dsl gateway) | ) | )ubuntu 7.04 laptop via wireless | ) | )sister xp laptop | Dlink 8 port 10/100 switch-----------------------------------ubuntu 7.04 server-----------------netgear 8port 10/100/1000 switch | | | file server/virtual server | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |virtual xp box | | xp machine | | xp PC (dad room) | | | | | | | virtual asterisk box | xp machine | xp pc (sister room) | | | virtual win server 2003 AD | Ubuntu 7.04/XP desktop/gaming-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
  5. servers at my work. will try to get some better pics tomorrow in the office in the data centre. new nas :D
  6. you can use wget to download the everything on the site. http://www.devarticles.com/c/a/Web-Service...ring-With-wget/ shows you how to do it
  7. i'll be there in spirit. travelling from australia to there is a bit much (and pricey) take heaps of pics and get info so us that cant make it can see all the good stuff
  8. sounds kool. But I imagine if you waited for phpbb3 (as im doing for my own site) you'll probably find most things you need will be included in that release. but thats just me :D
  9. i could test (but can't help develop) btw any reason your moving away from phpbb?
  10. yea not a huge amount for ccna in aus. My advice once you go for a job as a sysadmin don't work anywhere where microsoft is the main OS for desktop/servers. seriously the company i work for (my role really is a mix of sysadmin/network admin) is a microsoft gold partner, and i'm seriously fed up with there pathetic products. I'm probably being a bit aggressive right now, seeing how its 9:30 at night and i just installed the second daylight savings patch since I've been with the company, and well now our production dataserver/crm server is not coming back up. *Y A Y*. In regards to your questions about the sysadmin role, well i work in a team of 4, one customer support girl (she takes all the calls) and 3 sysadmin/network admins. Most of our time is dedicated to updating prodcution websites, handling support requests and fixing server issues.
  11. kool, glad to here its fixed
  12. you have unused dedicated servers :S are you rich or something?
  13. interesting. if there being re-added exactly an hour after you remove them i would suspect some program is doing it. check to see what processes are running etc and look for anything that does not look normal. also check event logs all tha usual stuff.
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