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  1. good place to start to get some experience if you cant afford to buy computers to put together yourself. locations are limited to North America but i see them growing in time. FreeGeek
  2. big Rock- Grasshopper,traditional and any other big rock beer Stella artois Rickards Red and amber ale Corona MGD Warsteiner Sol Granville island English pale ale, maple cream ale, honey lager shaftebury 420 beer
  3. This computer running XP boots in about 1 to 2 minutes, which is just enough time to brew some coffee so no complaints there. my Ubuntu machine boots in under 1 min so either machine really doesn't take to much time out of my day.
  4. Are you saying you know more about America than this Lady.
  5. you must d/l alot of porn, i got 100gb limit a month but my isp does not monitor it, you can log into your online account and see what you are at at any time but i have checked and sometimes it shows no usage for so many days that i know should be like 5GB atleast. Most i have seen myself use a month was like 30GB to 40GB.
  6. I started in 2006 sometime, season 1 was when i first saw the show. i was thinking when i first saw the show and the only thing that comes to mind was when Harrison and Darren were talking about metasploit.
  7. It would be really sad if Rev3 forum became the main forum for this show. i really see myself not goign to rev3 for the forum so much if thats the case, not that i post alot but i have gotten the art of lurking down pretty good.
  8. That's what i was thinking, anyone with decent computer knowledge would be able to ask some simple questions and see through it, but then those people would not make it to the video.
  9. I wonder if this kid was dumb enough to use his real email address, someone could easily add him to this kind lists. http://www.spamyourenemies.com/
  10. You can set IP filters on a router
  11. to much eye candy for my liking but both this forums agree that its a box that you have to select in your settings http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=698173 http://forum.compiz-fusion.org/showpost.ph...amp;postcount=2
  12. yes you can do this with a VM. VirtualBox is great and really easy to use.
  13. really... i think we need more details on this event.
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