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In Your Opinion(HDD)


which is better/preferable?  

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    • small and fast(speed is everything)
    • big and slow(i need the space for pr0n)

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i need more space for pr0n... thats y i stick with 72's not rapters and such have no need for high spin speeds, but more of a need for long lofe data storage.

*note: my HDD's arnt actuly filled with pr0n, but thats y i have fast interent.

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Unless you are doing some hardcore video editing or like 20 track audio recording i see no reason for anything past 7200rpm drives as your main drives. The cost per gb is just to high for main storage reasons. Go with a tiny 10000 as a boot/programs drive and then go stable but cheap 7200s for storage.

Honestly to me the heat issues with ultra fast drives make them a downgrade for me unless you like cases that sound like a 747 going through a NASA wind tunnel or your busting out the water cooling gear.

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Go with several 7200's. Once you've got 8 of them in a sweet RAID5 setup chances are you'll be close to drowning your bus already. It's cheaper and will allow for even more storage than otherwise possible.

It's also worthwhile to remember that 99.99999% of the time that harddisk is waiting for YOU and not the other way around. Investing in some extra RAM might be a better idea if it's absolute performance you're after.

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Volume is always a necessity, and speed is sometimes a necessity. I carry a big hard drive and make use of a lot of RAM when speed is an issue. Computers often are expandable to 8GB now, and that should be enough space for most projects. When it comes to video processing I'd say the best bet would be to go with lossless or near lossless hardware accelerated transcoding to keep memory usage down. Support for that is a little slim right now, however, and will cost a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars, but getting the video transcoding on hardware will let you keep a video stream going for days without overloading the memory.

So my vote would have to be high volume.

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