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  1. I don't know if there has been a court decision on this or not, but I can not reasonably believe that "wardriving"(i.e. detecting the SSID broadcast) would be prohibited by the wiretapping laws. To be prohibited there would have to be an assumption of privacy, but only a moron would believe their SSID, and everything that goes with it, to be private. On the other-hand, if you had turned off your SSID broadcast, then the police would not even be able to comment at all on the presence of your wireless network. NOTE: I have done precisely zero research on this, and am writing purely from prior experience, and have had no law education.
  2. Too much effort for so little.
  3. Doh! Missed the "per minute" thing. Haven't seen anyone scale transfer speed to the minute before. I'm just going to assume that your network and server is not the point where it needs a major hardware upgrade and just ask about the software you're using. What transport protocol are you using and what software are you using for that protocol. Version may be helpful too.
  4. What he said. My godly new(less then one year old) computer's HDD clocks at about 56MB/s synchronous so unless your server is state of the art or is using RAID strips you're not going to get much faster.
  5. [EDIT]Unless you're board, ignore the rest of this post. It is merely the result of me with a goal and no plan.[/EDIT] The Hak5 community, by definition, has people of widely varying experience. The growth of a community reqires that the more experienced members of the community be willing to help the newer members become more experienced, the new members can then provide back to the community through their experience. Since this community is very technical and has no specialization, it is inevitable that there will be hard questions asked that will not answered unless there is already some one in the community that is knowledgeable on the topic of the question asked. It is therefore also necessary that if a person can not have there question answered that person must know how to do the research necessary to find the answer. It is therefor of my logical conclusion that, for the sake of the growth of the Hak5 community, the Hak5 community provide resources that would in some way aid community members in doing any research and/or development in the event that one of their questions can not be answered. Such resources could include tutorials on effective use of a search engine for any one doing research and links to specialized technical websites for those who would be willing to do development work to make the answers for themselves. Links to resources to educate developers on how to make documentation could also be a worthy addition.
  6. If you could list significant privileges that the SYSTEM account has that someone in the Administrators group doesn't have then I may be bothered to find an easy way to start SYSTEM processes in the current session for you. The only real difference is that SYSTEM is designed for drivers and not so much for user applications.
  7. I'm sorry to tell you this but databases need formats and since you don't seem to know what you want to put into the database you don't know the format of the tables you want to have in the database. Even if you had a format in mind telnet is probably not the best way to do it. Databases are most use full when access to them can be automated, and telnet sucks at automation. XML RPC over HTTP would be better for automation. Danbooru/Sagubooru is set up as an image board, and has an open API that allows automated access to the images and the tags and comments associated with them. If you really wanted to be open ended you could just setup an FTP server with anonymous read and write access.
  8. Log into that computer and open the command prompt. Type this into the command prompt: netstat -ao That should give you a list of all active connections and listening ports, and the PID of the process that owns the port. Look for the susspisious port and the PID associated with it. You can then use taskman or some other application that can list active processes to find more info about that processes, such as the process name. Then, you still have to figure out whether the process is malicious. I can't help you there without more information.
  9. Two things: 1) Google Images and Picasa have completely different purposes. 2) Picasa has been around.
  10. I have three issues that are of concern. 1) That document is not targeted to developers and is poorly written for its target audience, any democratic administrative office. It fails to relay any information regarding the security of the clients, the servers, and protocols used. 2) My second concern is in regards to the phrase: This sounds like an innuendo for "This isn't really democracy. Don't concern yourself with the big issues. Vote on these issues instead." Creating individual ballots for each voter would allow the administrative staff to exclude anyone out of any vote for any reason. "You don't get to vote on this bill because you participated in a public protest 12 years ago." 3) If I were to participate in a vote that makes use of this system, and then later use my receipt to check that my vote exists in the voting system, would the existence of that receipt in the voting system ensure that the content of the voting ballot has not be altered?
  11. lunex

    The Law

    By deploy do you mean distribute (as in the way the switchblade/hacksaw has been amongst the community) or use maliciously (using the switchblade/hacksaw in an unauthorized situation) (Sorry for the bad word choice) I meant the actual malicious use of the software. Generally the line is drawn at the point of interacting with someone else's machine in a way they don't want you to. That even goes beyond the use of viruses and can even include browsing a website in a way that the owner doesn't want. The example I got was "intentionally leaving required form fields blank."
  12. I tell the computer to allow remote logins.. I guess thats more under the novell problem though. How would one go about settong privilages? If it is someone else's computer then ask them to give you the remote log on privilege. If it is your own computer and you're using *NIX then you'll have to look it up in the documentation as every one has their own way of doing it. If it is your own computer and you're using Windows then take a look in the System Properties window for some Remote Desktop settings.
  13. I immediately thought you meant Final Fantasy.
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