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  1. ok, so i was checking if the 3x05 release was out yet, and i noticed the strangest thing on the main page, Still of the Oddity: http://arch.kimag.es/share/53326107.png[/img] the Oddity, a .gif file on the home page. http://arch.kimag.es/share/77945225.gif[/img] what is that thing and why is it there?
  2. actually Peanuts aren't nuts, they're legumes, like onions and chives. nuts are dried fruit seeds.
  3. you do know of course it wasn't really wess right? just now that that was cleared up: Yeah Howard the Duck
  4. http://unix.rulez.org/~calver/pictures/13_nude_chicks.jpg i have no idea what your talking about either
  5. 1) find Ethernet cable 2) cut Ethernet cable 3) cancel your internet subscription (if applicable)
  6. what fricken page did you find this on? if its been more than a month since the last post dont say anything just let it die, esp. if its about a seasonal thing, ie time related.
  7. i have recently discovered, by means of being stupid, that while looking through the comments on a digg article, you can actually raise the comments rating by 3 thumbs up, however this does not work with the main stories diggnumber or with digging down, but you can raise comments by 3 points, so yay for me. BTW i'm sorry if somebody already figured this out and i'm the last to know, but hey it was worth a mention.
  8. it would be nice if we had permission to see the photos
  9. ok i was being sarcastic, and since i was about the only one saying that, i would be the majority, and i was being sarcastic, enough said.
  10. the only similarity was that one note that plays in the beginning part of the hak.5 theme when the building lights up. BTW you owe me 1:46 and i will add it to your tab.
  11. pretty sure the invader zim part is copyright infringement, at least viacom will claim it is.
  12. hpr


    it was Kazaa not morpheus, see wiki here btw could you drop me an invite at Spamme46785@gmail.com
  13. Actually we have shitloads of oil. And Uranium, and nickel and gold and coal. Our is way out numbered by the americans but ( not wanting to start a flame war here) our soldiers are better trained. thats great now th GOP will say that your making bombs of the Uranium, Liberals will say that your the biggest polluters, because you have oil and coal, and then the billionaires will go steal you gold and nickel to make themselves richer and the increased ship traffic will destroy your reefs, and you'll have the liberals on your ass for that too, you just screwed Australia in the Great Victorian Desert.
  14. i just dont trust "Lou's News" but it sould explain a whole fuck of a lot.
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