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  1. i've noticed a few of you people have posted your heights in the imperial form, i am nobody to say " don't do that, just use metric like most the rest of the world" but if your going to post it as imperial at least get it right, ie and you two just said that you are 6 inches One Foot and Five inches 8 feet, please, people who have made this mistake please correct it, btw, i am Canadian but i currently live in the US where i am frequently asked to use the '''ENGLISH?''' system of measurement by the retarded imbeciles at the hardware store when i asked for 5 "yards" of 2x6s so as to build a new railing for my porch. i live at my grams house, which is why i am in the us the correct way to post like that is 5'8" or 6'2" 4'3" if your a midg-errrr-i mean little person
  2. My name is hpr (hpr for those of you who don't know me, and your crazy if you think i'm going to tell you my fing name in reality, however, you could email me and ask *hint hint*) Favourite game: WoW Favourite OS: (any operating system that does not come with Explorer.exe) Favourite console: Intellivision Nationality: Canadian Accent: Canadian Sex: Male Age:17 Race: Caucazoidial Immigrant Height: 1.8 meters Status: whacking it in your milkshake Build: Fat Slob Favourite band: what is this "band" i like orchestras and John Lennon Favourite book: The Gospel According to Larry Favourite author: JRR Tolkien, JK Rowling Favourite movie: See Above for clues Favourite director: "" Favourite TV Show: Hak.5 Favourite actor: Darren Kitchen Favourite actress: any Asian girl with low self esteem and wait "actress" right, never mind. Favourite Pinup: "" Favourite Comedian: Tommy v2 Other hobbies: gaming Car: -- Occupation: --
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