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No infusions listed on Pineapple bar


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When I go into the Pineapple Bar it acts like it is loading a list of possible infusions but nothing is shown under User Infusions. I just got my Mark V today and have the firmware updated to v 2.1.1. Has anyone run into this issue before? I have verified that it does actually connect out to the internet through my Windows connection (since it downloaded and installed the new firmware) and have tried restarting it.


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I'm unable to retrieve any updates or infusions from the PinappleV web interface today 12/27/2014. It was working earlier today but now I can get a list of available packages... anyone else notice this?

I am connected to the internet fine and everything else is working great... definitely not an internet connection issue.

System InfusionsNo system infusions found. Check again later.
User Infusions - Show
Command Line Infusions - HideNo command line infusions found. Check again later.
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Okay, I'll bite. Show us your network settings.

Wait. Yea, something is broken. I can ssh into the pineapple and ping anything but wifipineapple.com.

Also seeing the page the pineapple checks to get the external ip is missing from the wifipineapple site as well.

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I've got the same issue. If you look on GitHub it tries to pull them from https://wifipineapple.com/?downloads&list_infusions&mk5 but if you try to go to this on your browser you get a wonderful 404 error.

(GitHub blob: https://github.com/WiFiPineapple/MK5_Interface/blob/5c34b68000262ee4ba92793efef215a80b220372/components/system/bar/files/downloader )

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I'm still seeing this issue after clearing browser cookies/cache. Is this something that will just take time to propagate (as I see you mentioned this was fixed about an hour ago)? Are there changes I need to make on my end to allow this fix to happen?

Could take a while to propagate, but should be all good now.

Best regards,


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