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  1. lol I thought I was going crazy. I even used the search function, thinking that I had missed it.
  2. I am also unable to download OTA updates, and infusions. I am trying to download 2.1.1 from wifipineapple.com, but it keeps failing.
  3. Do you have any further details about the HDK? Release date and expected price?
  4. I would like to confirm that the Netgear WNA1100 (Atheros AR9271) works just fine with the pineapple. P.S. I updated the wiki to reflect this.
  5. Much deserved. Are you going anywhere/doing anything special?
  6. Very pleased with 2.0.x. I have had great success with PineAP vs just karma. Kudos guys! :)
  7. Personally, I think that the next pineapple should be ARM based. Why run openwrt when you can run kali?!?!?!?! Anyone else with me!??!!? Anyone!??!?!
  8. Is there a changelog available, or can we expect that along with the firmware? I'm itching to get my feet wet, as I'm sure many others are also. -AndyFive
  9. I would also like to hear some official word about this. Wifipineapple.com claims: So, the radios are unlocked or not?
  10. I wasn't able to find this the other day, but I wanted to also include it. It's got a lot of very useful information if you are planning any sort of medium-to-long distance wifi links. http://wireless.fcc.gov/outreach/2004broadbandforum/comments/YDI_microwavelink.pdf
  11. To the best of my knowledge, there would be no particular reason to use two different antennas. My guess would be that either A). Those antennas are what he had laying around, or B). It's probably more convenient to mount the panel antenna in the window, as seen in the video. Maybe Darren could chime in with that actual reason for the different antennas?
  12. Hello factgasm, To answer a few of your questions: - There is no reason that you couldn't use two different types of directional antennas (eg. yagi on one end, panel on the other). Though the yagi will most likely have higher gain, depending on how its built. - I personally have stretched wifi over a mile with just 100mw of power on each end. The conditions were close to ideal (both stations atop a hill, with no obstructions in between), and I was also using some pretty powerful antennas. The setup was entirely home built, using a bi-quad at each end, feeding an 18" dish. The signal strengths were good, so I think that I could have easily gotten away with quite a bit further, assuming that I could stay clear of the obstructions. - Trees, metal, and brick will all degrade your signal pretty significantly. If you are looking to create a pretty long range link you should do some research. Specifically into something called the 'fresnel zone'. I am an avid amateur radio operator and very much enjoy building and testing my own antennas. You can pretty easily build some very high quality antennas if you are a bit handy, and willing to do it yourself. Hope that this helps! :) -Andy V P.S. Here is a link to an interesting read. A 279km wifi link. ;) http://www.ab9il.net/wlan-projects/EnlaceAguila_Baul_EN.pdf
  13. I think that many people would agree with me when I say that expecting documentation for a product that I pay for isn't unreasonable. Especially when we were told that the documentation in question would be ready at weeks end, a month ago. (see my topic asking for api documentation).
  14. I've decided to take a break of undetermined length from the pineapple, and focus on some other projects that I have going. Hopefully "by the end of the week" will be before I decide to return. (Sorry for the jab. Just feeling a bit frustrated/lied to.)
  15. Kudos Oli. This is a very interesting project. I am eager to see your build guide. :-) I have decided to give up and take a break of undetermined length from the pineapple, due to the sorry state of documentation and also because I've started expirementing with FPGAs. Hopefully when I return to the community, there will be an abundance of documentation. Fingers crossed!
  16. Thank you Darren. Also, I should have been more specific. I am not disappointed overall. I absolutely LOVE the pineapple, and appreciate very much all of Hak5's hard work. You are correct about making a lot of progress regarding the firmware. It's a bit easy for me to forget this because I am a relative newcomer to the pineapple. I think that the current firmware was 1.2 when I first got my pineapple, so I didn't necessarily see all of the changes first hand. My disappointment was more towards the lack of documentation. I understand that the pineapple is a work in progress (which is one of the reasons that it's so great), but by implementing some of the recent changes in regards to source code and also improving the documentation situation, it can only be good for the pineapple. The easier it is for newcomers and amateurs to create and make changes, the better it is for this project. I firmly believe that as the documentation improves we will see more and more novel applications popping up. I am very eager to begin contributing to the pineapple.
  17. This is exactly what I was asking for. For example; I haven't actually looked at the source, but lets look at the karma infusion. Is there a function that is called to start/stop karma, or is something like php exec used? My vision (for what it's worth) would be to have convenient api calls to take care of all of the 'basic' pineapple functions (along with more advanced ones). I realize that the uci and exec can take care of most, if not all of this, but by having well a well documented api that users could refer to it would lower the learning curve for creating useful infusions. This would allow every day users who aren't necessarily php masters to easily create useful contributions. I don't know though, maybe you don't want a flood of 'amateur created' infusions? I said before that I realize that Hak5 is a small company, and that you guys are busy. I try to keep this in mind before making criticisms. That being said, I am very glad to see that I'm not the only one who is disappointed with what I see as a lack of progress. I take Oli's unofficial expansion hardware as inspiration: even though there is next to zero official documentation, It's still possible to improve and advance functionality (if one is dedicated/skilled/has enough time). Lastly, I would like to thank Hak5. I have been patient and tried to keep my disappointment to myself because I respect everyone at Hak5, and I very much love your product. Keep on moving forward (but please listen to your customers).
  18. Hello Pineapple community, I would like to share with everyone a project that I have started working on. The route that I took was chosen because of the ease of implementation. The setup is very simple in terms of hardware. It is an arduino uno with an lcd and some dip switches. It is connected to the pineapple via usb, though for those of us who need the usb for a third radio, this setup could easily be hooked to the pineapple's serial port. I am using a python script to actually talk to the arduino, so the console access would have to be turned off on the hardware serial port. My idea was similar to the pineapple's already existing boot mode switches, however it differs in a key way: - It allows the user to configure the pineapple interactively, in real time as opposed to the boot switches "set it and turn it on" approach. Real time information can be fed to the user via the lcd, doing away with the need to connect to your drop box in order to configure it before deployment. Each switch can be configured to run a single command, change a setting or settings, or run complex multi step procedures. The 10 pin header that you see on the board breaks out the i2c, sw serial, and power so I can easily add functionality in the future. I would appreciate any feedback that anyone has to offer. -Andy Five
  19. Thanks Seb! I am looking forward to it. :) Sounds great, Oli! Once I make some more progress and clean up my code a bit, I will share. Fortunately, I found the perfect little usb hub. It's similer to the one in the hak shop with the convenient micro usb plug (fits the arduino micro). Unfortunately though, my model also has a useless iphone plug. I think that I'm going to hack it off and add another standard usb plug.
  20. I am very excited to see your project progress, Oli. I have actually been working on something similer. I cheated a bit though; rather than using the pineapple's expansion port, I have an arduino micro connected via USB. So far I have a 4x20 lcd, a few buttons, and a few leds. I am basically using python to talk to the arduino via serial. I will be posting some pictures and more information as soon as I get some time. Hopefully this weekend. :)
  21. Not actually sure now. I vaguely remembered seeing it somewhere, but can't find it now. Maybe I was thinking about something else..... Regardless, I am very disappointed with the lack of documentation. I have some great ideas for the pineapple, but software isn't my strong suite, so I need all the help that I can get.
  22. Ok, so I see that hak5 offers paid support and infusion creation. I would be willing to actually pay for api documentation, for the good of the pineapple community. Please pm me and let me know a price.
  23. Sorry to kick up this old topic. I realize that you guys at hak5 are busily working on the new features and the HDK for release at defcon, but I was wondering if you could give me any sort of update regarding any API documentation? It would be great to see this info in the wiki. Thanks in advance!
  24. Very cool. I've been wanting to do a similer project but never had the time to "decode" the expansion port. I would be interested in helping in anyway that I can. I have been an electronics hobbiest for years now, however the software side isn't my strong suite. The first obvious use that I can think of would be the ability to use the buttons and lcd to get and change the status and operation of various infusions. Anyway, let me know what I could do to best help this project. :-)
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