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  1. Thanks for the info! Using the drivers mentioned above, I was able to decrease the time to execute to ~20 seconds!
  2. Testing the BashBunny for use on a physical pentest/red team engagement but noticing a huge problem with using this device for a real world assessment. Mainly, on a Windows 7 x64 desktop, the initial driver install process took over 2 minutes to install. After initial drivers are installed, my payload initializes and finishes within 10 seconds which is great if only I didn't have to install the drivers first... What makes this issue even worse is that the BashBunny doesn't wait until the drivers have been installed before executing the payload which means you need to unplug/re-plug the device in after waiting 2 minutes to execute the payload. Ideally, it would be nice to build some code into the BashBunny to automatically detect when the drivers are installed and then run the payload. Has anyone had any issues with this and is there any way to improve the speed here? 2 minutes is wayyy to long to wait around at an unlocked workstation. I would be better off typing out the payload by hand if it meant only taking 20-30 seconds max.
  3. Cheers Seb! Don't mind me... I just like finding weird little bugs like this... great product/project btw!
  4. As a pentester, I find myself checking random fields and forms for arbitrary code execution and came across a code execution flaw in the log viewer infusion for the Pineapple. This isn't technically a vulnerability since you need to be logged in as root but it's still un-intended functionality resulting in arbitrary code execution.... Regardless of the impact, I enjoy finding things like this so here it is... enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_i2RhfB-Z8
  5. I created a tutorial on how to get a remote shell on any windows PC in 5 seconds using RubberDucky... enjoy! https://crowdshield.com/blog/2015/pwn-any-windows-pc-in-5-seconds-with-badusb.php
  6. Even better, Burpsuite has options to redirect all HTTPS -> HTTP and on SSL negotiation failure, does SSL pass-through automatically (thus not breaking the connection for sites like Google to the client, etc.). Seems to be working pretty good here aside from not seeing all HTTPS traffic...
  7. yeah, I'm noticing that... it works great for HTTP... perhaps only forward port 80 requests to Burpsuite and run SSLStrip or SSLSplit for HTTPS?
  8. Wow, next level! Have to write up a quick tutorial about this! Had to add a few iptables rules, modify the dnspoof settings and add invisible proxying to Burpsuite but now it works! thanks for the help!
  9. I'm trying to get Burpsuite integrated with PineAP on a PineappleV... is it possible? Here is my setup: - Wireless router at ( for connection to the internet - PineappleV running PineAP ( + - From the same wifi router, I have a Kali Linux machine at ( listening on port 8080/tcp running Burpsuite My goal is to accept wifi clients connected from PineAP and route any web requests (HTTP/HTTPS) to (Burpsuite). Anyone know how to do this? Can I just create an iptables pre-routing rule to forward to this IP/port?
  10. I'm also having the same issue... it was working earlier today though..
  11. I'm unable to retrieve any updates or infusions from the PinappleV web interface today 12/27/2014. It was working earlier today but now I can get a list of available packages... anyone else notice this? I am connected to the internet fine and everything else is working great... definitely not an internet connection issue. System InfusionsNo system infusions found. Check again later. User Infusions - Show Command Line Infusions - HideNo command line infusions found. Check again later.
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