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  1. This project looks awesome, I've thinking about making a PirateBox but I think I might have more fun with this since I still haven't had the chance to play with OpenWrt.
  2. Backing on with Cooper, a good way to do this if you don't have a target to practice yet and you need one. Grab a Raspberry Pi, good to practice as a target computer or web server. In terms of WiFi cracks, it wouldn't make sense for them to be detected, because aircrack-ng in terms of WiFi hacks only collects information for later use. I'm not sure about Wifite since I haven't used it before.
  3. In terms of the WiFi Pineapple, I would say get it. I love my pineapple.
  4. If you are dead set on building one (which I do not advise)... You may want to check out this URL.
  5. Wait... I'm confused... Is your project to build an SDR? Or is it just to learn about the components in SDR's?
  6. Still worth getting excited about, it means more Hak5 videos with the Pineapple Mark VI, maybe even more Pineapple University.
  7. Yeah, my friends get it but a few years ago I was getting some work done at the mall, and when I opened up the terminal to move some files around, when a mall cop came up to me and told me that if I didn't stop hacking he would confiscate my computer and escort me out of the mall . I had to explain to him what Linux was...
  8. Have you logged into the web interface? From there you can see all network adapters? I use the AWUS036NEH and I haven't had any issues.
  9. I first started doing this just to learn some basic SSH by playing with PuTTY and WinSCP but now I find that it's a useful tool. When I ran a Linux host people automatically assumed I was stealing their credit card numbers or I was trying to hack into the government (some weird ridiculous stuff), but while running a Windows host with a Kali terminal I haven't had a single person complain.
  10. A few weeks ago I was on the HakShop just browsing around, when I came across two music albums by Dual Core. I had no idea why they would advertise a band on their website, then I decided to check them out on YouTube, definitely worth the listen. You can check out one of their playlist here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoUWHfh733Y&index=1&list=PLwVTOKgy1TvbW0olsArYcdgWXuGBc8B9g Anyone know other bands like this?
  11. Check the teaser video on the HakShop, this definitely isn't a Mark V add-on. It looks entirely different. I am getting excited to see where it goes, but I probably will wait for a bit to buy it since I still have a lot to do with my Mark V
  12. The ones that I've used are Aircrack and Reaver. But I'm looking up how to do a PixieDust attack. It really depends on how proficient you are in the command line, that's in my opinion the way to choose your tools. Edit: I have just learned that a PixieDust attack is a WPS attack with Reaver. I feel so stupid now...
  13. Apparently there is a new Pineapple (Mark VI) coming out this December, as to wait or buy thats up to you. The Mark VI won't have as much support when it comes out, so if you're a beginner then I would say stick to the Mark V since there are already so many tutorials on it (and many threads on this site). But just looking at the quick advertisement for the Mark VI, I would say buy it. In terms of accessories they would still be compatible I'm guessing like the Pineapple doesn't really have "accessories" it's just compatible with many of the items on the HakShop (Ducky, Adapters, etc.).
  14. I definitely am interested if there was a little more power behind it. It only has a 1GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM, so it can be used for those easy projects at home but I would rather spend the extra $30 to get the B+ for the extra processing power and RAM.
  15. Can you send the link of the battery that you bought?
  16. What if... The world began with the press of an Enter key?

  17. Well, what are you interested in? Hak5 does have an SDR specific kit that does come with the HackRF One. Now as you said you just started learning about SDR's. The Hak5 Field Kit is pretty pricey but you can purchase the RTL-SDR on its own in the HakShop. If you are outside of the US it would make more sense to buy it from Amazon (where I got mine). I find that it's a fun hobby and something worth looking into, I think the best place to see if SDR's are for you is here. It is a BlackHat Europe 2014 lecture that really peaked my interest in SDR's, after that I say just watch some SDR related Hak5 episodes.
  18. I like the ALFA AWUS036NEH, I use it with my Raspberry Pi that runs Kali 2.0 and it works really well. You can grab it here from the HakShop
  19. I set up an awesome way to get the linux terminal on Windows without Cygwin. I threw Kali linux on my Raspberry Pi then plugged it into my computer via ethernet and assigned an IP to the Raspberry Pi via DHCP Server. Run the assigned IP through PuTTY, giving access to the linux terminal. So I usually hook up the Raspberry Pi to my computer from my backpack and thats it I have the power to run the linux terminal on a nice Windows UI. Anyone do something similar? Sorry that the photos didn't rotate properly.
  20. That's genius! Wrap it up in a nice package, throw it in your bag and go to town.
  21. Hi my name is Jonah AKA Naru My favorite game: Any Kingdom Hearts game My favorite OS: Kali Linux Favorite Console: PS3 Nationality: Canadian Accent: None Sex: Male Age: 17 Race: Caucasian Height: 5' 10" Build: Not quite sure how to describe... Favorite Band: Barenaked Ladies Favorite Book: Kafka on the Shore Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction Favorite TV Show: That 70s Show Favorite Actor: Michael Cera Favorite Actress: Angelina Jolie Favorite Pinup: Angelina Jolie Favorite Comedian: Jim Gaffigan Other Hobbies: Taekwondo, Japanese and anything computer related Occupation: Student
  22. It wouldn't make sense for the company to add a jammer that only makes a weak signal, also as cooper said It just wouldn't make any sense for them to try and protect sensitive information by only jamming a signal when you would be able to take pictures, record audio and still use a weak GSM network in the building. In my opinion the building is probably made of a material the tends to be resistant to GSM signals, whether thats a paint, window coating or structural material.
  23. Based on my experience, when I had issues I would just reboot my adapter, first find your what interface your adapter is running on using: ifconfig Mine is wlan0, then just reset it using: ifconfig wlan0 down ifconfig wlan0 up From there you can either use the GUI to connect to the internet or try from the command line with: iwlist wlan0 scan iwconfig wlan0 essid [SSID] key s:[Network Key] That worked for me
  24. Hey guys, I just got a new Wifi Pineapple MKv and the SD card that came with it has no firmware! I went to wifipineapple.com and it doesn't look like the firmware is there, just the upgrades. What should I do?
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