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  1. Hi, ow you will add wifi AC to Wifi NANO?? With an external usb in the usb 2.0??
  2. My name is Maverick Stinson Favourite game: Alex KiD Favourite OS: Bugtraq Favourite console: Master System Nationality: Spanish Accent: Spanish... Sex: Male Race: White European Height: 1,89 meters Build: Normal Favourite band: ACDC Favourite book: Ami Favourite author: Tolkien Favourite movie: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Favourite director: Tim Burton Favourite TV Show: I dont see TV Favourite actor: Me Other hobbies: Build Drones, Programing, and Pilot Drones Car: Spaceship :P Occupation: CEO, Ethical Hacking and Programmer
  3. Well i am not beginner and i have it few moths that goes out. But maybe i buy antennas (with "special connector") and the new comes with other connector, or the juice battery dosnt work in the new because need more voltage or amps, etc. I think is better wait for it, but i dont understand why hack5 don`t give us more information...
  4. Hi all, yesterday i went to bought some staff for my Mark 5 in the shop but i start to read and see the video about a "new pineapple", so... I see on video the Hexadecimal title: 0xC = 12 And people say that maybe means that on december maybe will it be on shop. My question is simple if this is real, i would whait to buy accesories? or will still compatble? Because imaging that the accessories will not work or start with new accesories more cool, etc. Please any info will be appreciated.
  5. I tested it today, like 6 hours, and 2 times service go down: Fisrt time: I switch on and start all the services that i wanna, next to 3 hours, when i go to access to the pineapple, ALL services was down. Second time: 3 hours later, i check again and only the Pine Ap services all was down, except Pine AP service (dogma mk3, etc was all down). And other strange thing its that to many logs of diferent infusions i cant see it or write always nothing.... IMPORTANT NOTE: I didnt put autostart, because in my test dosnt work correctly and no up all the things that i said.
  6. 1. Yeah, Log out now not works well. 2. I activated all of PineAP on firmware 2.0.0 and 2.0.2, and i havent got this issue :S
  7. Correct the blue its for ap mode, i turn off and the led, go down. And the orange its the Ethernet conected. But, in the beginig still have red and blue UP, before the combination led of the startup. Thanks
  8. Hi i see bad this infusion on firmware 2.0.0 and high: http://www.subirimagenes.com/imagedata.php?url=http://s2.subirimagenes.com/imagen/9027894pineapesslstrip.png
  9. Hi, in Firmware 2.0.0 and high, i see like this this infusion: http://www.subirimagenes.com/imagedata.php?url=http://s2.subirimagenes.com/imagen/9027890pineapeettercap.png And In the Principal Menu of mark5, when i install ettercap always show me isnt intalled, i reboot the pineapple, and see install it
  10. Hi since the upgrade to 2.0.0 i have some strange or diferent combinations in my leds. First i see red led with green led. Next to that i see green led and blue blinking (startup) When the startup finish i have always the blue, orange and green led (blue and orange blink each 4 seconds, or other times like 5 seconds, or 2 seconds, isnt a regular blinking) In the instructions have the solid red in the startup means md5sum mismach, or bad upgraded files... so i decided to flash it: 1. I follow this steps: https://wifipineapple.com/?flashing (yeah, the MD5 hash , its the same) 2. in the firs
  11. Testing Firmware 2.0

  12. Testing Firamware 2.0

  13. Sounds good, i will wait for testing :)
  14. Hi all, the trapcookies, dosnt work very well, i explain it: 1. When the day change it, the log have the date of 1970, and i cant see with the framework of pineapple, i must to view with a ssh conexión... why?
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