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  1. I can't imagine this would be too difficult but it would be nice to have a SSL split infusion since ssltrip is fazing out ever since HSTs started becoming popular.
  2. It says it is listening on at0 but it is not collecting anything.
  3. Hey guess, I have been having some fun with my wifi pineapple and I decided to set up an evil twin through the ssh using airbase following this tutorial: http://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/how-to/hack-wi-fi-creating-evil-twin-wireless-access-point-eavesdrop-data-0147919/ which set up perfectly and was able to connect to it with internet connection. However when I went to the urlsnarf application and selected at0 for the interface, it would run for a second and then say 'urlsnarf is not running' same for tcpdump. Any ideas why? Is there some forwarding I have to do? Or is the interface not up? Thanks in advace!
  4. I am asking is this because security is changing rapidly. You can no longer use ssltrip on the sites that contain juicy info because of hsts and I heard Karma will no longer be effective for newer devices do to driver patches. That being said can it do: Ssl split to get around the hsts Create evil twin? Cookie collect/session hijack? Run airmon-ng or the aircrack suite? Apr spoof a connect Ap?
  5. So I am confused on how to get the pineapple connect to an access point and mitm that network such as arp spoofing. I have tried via client mode and it connects but does not receive internet. Also I am confused about doing wifi honeypot attack with the pineapple because it looks like for it to have internet connection it needs to be either tether through my laptop or plugged in from another router. But, if it needs my laptop, why wouldn't I just use my laptop for the mitm attacks? I am just confused on the attacks work on the pineapple that require internet connection. I understand karma looks at probes to see what other devices are trying to connect to and how mitm attacks work. I don't understand how the pineapple is suppose to connect to the internet? Are there any posts or articles I should read, I have tried searching by but queries don't seem to bring me to relative results.
  6. Looks like people are trying to save truecrypt: http://truecrypt.ch/ and http://truecrypt71a.com/ anyone seen these popping up on the net?
  7. Got it working thank you! Now I can finally play around with it lol.
  8. So I am not having the best of luck with this device, I just received the replacement and I tried flashing and it failed. So I check the sd card and it was empty, so I downloaded the the latest firmware and changed the file to 'upgrade.bin' and I made another file without an extension called 'MD5' which contained the string of the checksum but still no go. So I formated my new class 10 sd card to ext 4 and moved the files over and I still getting sollid green and red leds. Do I need to put the device in recovery mode? Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions would be much apreciated.
  9. Will do... thank you for your patience and help with troubleshooting though.
  10. yes, I understand but that does not work either. As stated in previous posts the ethernet is not connecting when trying that. I have already attempted said method about 13 times now. I just tried again and found I have to plug the ethernet in and then out then half way for it to even somewhat connect. So I am pretty sure something is physically wrong with the device.
  11. Okay so I formatted to ext4 and then recopied the files over but it is still doing the same thing. When do a factory reset do I leave the sd card in the device?
  12. I just went out and tried that and the same result solid green and blue led. I have tried factory resets multiple times but it wont even reset. It is literally stuck with a solid green and blue led not matter what I do. the checksums match the firmware. I cant understand what is going on unless something is physically broken with the device during shipping but I doubt that.
  13. probably should mention that the amber light has never gone on from the begining.
  14. I tried following those instructions and I still can't get it to connect. It still just stays with a solid blue led. I check the interfaces on my laptop and the ethernet status is unplugged. I am going to try to swap sd cards. Update: didn't help at all still stuck at Solid green and blue led. I even tried the factory reset dip switch combination
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